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SuSocial Overview


SU Social is an efficient tool that assists users in automating and managing their social media accounts. The software offers a range of customization options to help users increase engagement, grow their following, and streamline their content schedule. With support from various platforms, SU Social lets you save time and effort in expanding your online presence.


Upon logging into SU Social, the first screen is the Dashboard with the Summary tab. This tab displays all activities done for each account after adding them to SU Social.

If you want to see a graphical representation of your account’s growth over time you can go to the Statistics tab.

The What’s New tab highlights the software’s update log with new features and bug fixes.

Contact Support connects you to the SU Social Support Team for any issues/suggestions that you want to let the team know of.

The Notifications tab receives notifications regarding your accounts and campaigns, such as running out of posts or invalid accounts.

Social Profiles

In this section, you can add the social media accounts you wish to use with SU Social. Simply click the ADD PROFILE button to start.

Currently, SU Social supports Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Quora, Youtube, Reddit, Tiktok (beta), and Email. Each account type offers slightly different features, but most tools are similar.


The Tools section showcases the available tools for each account. As you add different social platform accounts, you’ll see an assortment of tools ready for you to use.

Each tool for an account runs independently, so you can configure various tools for each account. As an example, the simultaneous use of Follow, Unfollow, Like, and Comment tools on a LinkedIn account can boost your account’s engagement. Automated actions made here will mimic activities that one would usually do on his/her respective social media accounts.


From the name itself, this is where configurations for the SU Social application are in place. It has tabs for Software Settings, Embedded Browser, Social Platforms, Connectivity, Error/Backup, Email Notifications, Actions, and Security. Most settings are self-explanatory, but you may contact our support team if needed.

Proxy Manager

Using proxies is necessary when adding multiple accounts to SU Social in order for your accounts not to leave any footprints. Proxies added will appear in this section and can be easily managed, including viewing proxy-account assignments and other useful information.

My Account

Here is where you can view details about your account, such as your license type, remaining license time, and subscription status. If your subscription is inactive, you can renew your monthly subscription or you may set up a direct payment (good for one month) so you can continue using SU Social.


The Publisher section is where you can see the CAMPAIGNS tab which schedules all posts for your accounts regardless of whether it’s posted on walls, boards/pages, or groups. To create a new campaign, click the ADD PUBLISHING CAMPAIGN button. There are three campaign types: Standard, Volume, and Scheduled, respectively designed for specific use cases and explained further in the Campaigns section of the Knowledge Base.

VIP Tools

Like Exchange

The Like Exchange tool is an exclusive feature for Instagram interactions. Just like the Social Exchange tool which will be discussed below, and from the name itself,  this is where users can take part in liking other users’ posts and then gaining likes from other users in the process.

Social Exchange

SU Social offers a dedicated section for its Social Exchange tool where users can engage with other accounts through mutual exchange of interactions. Each social platform has its own designated tab, including:

Twitter: Featuring options for Liking and Retweeting

Facebook: Like and Sharing posts

YouTube: Allow users to Like and View videos

LinkedIn: Providing options for Liking and Sharing

Quora: Upvoting posts

Pinterest: Repinning content


To wrap it up, SU Social is an ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline and manage their social media presence. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of features allow users to take command of their social media accounts with ease.

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