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Automatically Adding Content To Your Accounts


Understanding how to automatically add content to your accounts so they keep growing on auto-pilot is one of the last SU Social skills you need to master.

SU Social has a few really cool tools for this specific purpose, including the Repost tool for Instagram, the Reblog tool for Tumblr, the Repin tool for Pinterest, and the Retweet/Reply tool for Twitter. You can even add your Retweet/Reblog Comments for Twitter and Tumblr respectively.

Setting up the Retweet Tool

As previously stated, these tools are essentially the same; however, depending on the capabilities of each platform, each has a few different settings. Let’s talk about the Twitter Retweet tool for this tutorial.

The Retweet/Reply tool can be accessed by clicking on a Twitter profile on the Tools page, as before. You’ll see that it is divided into three parts:

  • SettingsHere, you can set the filters that will tell SU Social what tweets it can and cannot retweet, as well as how frequently it should do so each day.
  • Retweet Sources – It’s crucial to add enough reliable sources here so that there are enough potential tweets that will pass the filters you set up in Settings. This is where you tell SU Social exactly where to look for tweets.
  • ResultsHere, you can see the outcomes of the work this tool performed for you.

Let’s return to the Settings tab and configure our first retweet there.

  • Run TimersYou should be familiar with these since they are present in most SU Social tools. You can instruct them to retweet certain amounts of content on specific days. The number of retweets per day will be limited to three, and we’ll choose new publishing timers at random each day. Sundays should not be retweeted either.

  • Retweet FiltersThe filters you select here will ensure that you only retweet the exact content you want. We should disregard mentions because they are made specifically for a specific person, as well as retweets, and use real-time results to obtain only recent tweets. Additionally, let’s instruct SU Social to only receive tweets that are 48 hours old, or two days, old. Finally, let’s restrict the number of retweets to just two per user per day (or a 24-hour period).

  • After Retweet ActionIn order to add your own voice to the retweet, you can also comment on it after you make it. Set it to 50%, meaning that only 50% of the retweets will include comments.

Let’s now customize the Sources tab.

As you can see, there are many options available to you that will let you pinpoint the precise accounts you need to find the best tweets to retweet. You can search for tweets using keywords, a list of accounts that will be watched, lists you or other people have created, or the precise tweets you want to be retweeted.

Toggle on Retweet by Keyword Search and enter a few keywords here, such as social media, social marketing. We won’t be adding any Retweet Comments for the time being.

Let’s return to the Retweet Settings tab and launch the tool now that we have our settings and the sources. It will display the time of the subsequent run, and if we wait a short while, the retweet it made will appear on the Results tab.

Automatically Add Content to Campaigns

When it comes to campaigns, you also have various sources under the What to Publish tab which can help you automatically get items added to your Posts List tab:

Scrape Posts

For this option, you can scrape posts from four sources: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All you need to do is to enter the post URLs depending on which social platform would you like to scrape from and SU Social will do the extraction for you.

RSS Posts

You can also get posts automatically from your RSS feeds. This method of adding a post will save you a lot of time as you can let your campaign extract posts as you add them to your website.

Monitor Folders

There is also an option if you want to extract images/videos from a specific folder automatically.

Share Posts

You can use this option if you want to share your existing Facebook/LinkedIn Page posts to other pages, groups, or walls.

Once added to the Posts List tab, you can start the campaign and SU Social will do the posting for you.


Congratulations! After completing this final tutorial, you ought to be able to use SU Social and the majority of its tools on a basic level. With a few extra or missing options here and there depending on each platform and what can be done on it, all the other tools operate in a largely similar manner.

You are now a long way from fully automating your social media marketing and getting back the time you lost to tedious work. Good luck!

💡 If you require assistance with anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website’s contact form or the SU Social Contact Support tab.

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