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The Summary Tab


The Summary tab offers a high-level summary of all actions that the software has carried out. You can access important data about your account’s activity, including any errors or notifications you need to be aware of. It can be found inside the Dashboard section.

By default, all actions of accounts that you added to SuSocial are displayed on the Summary tab. It shows each action’s status (such as ‘started’, ‘executing’, or ‘finished’), as well as the time and date it was performed.

The Summary tab also includes an Error column that indicates whether any errors occurred during the execution of actions.

Getting To Know The Summary Tab

There are four columns in the Summary tab:

  • Date: shows the date and time when the action was carried out.
  • Status: displays the status of the action (started, executing, finished) and what specific action it was for.
  • Account: this is where you can see the name of the account that is performing the action.
  • Error: The words ‘SCREENSHOT’ or ‘ERROR’ will appear if any error occurs; you can hover over the red ‘SCREENSHOT’ message (if any), and the error image will pop up.

At the bottom of the Summary tab, you will find additional options:

  1. Manage Columns: This opens a pop-up window allowing you to change the width of the four columns, you can also uncheck a specific column if you want to hide it.

  2. Copy Errors to Clipboard: By pressing this button, you can copy every action that failed because of an error, you can then paste it into your preferred text editor if you want to analyze it.
  3. Show Only Errors: This button enables you to quickly check for any errors that may have happened. Only errors will be shown in the Summary tab, and you can see when and for which action they occurred. When clicked, the text will also change to Show All. Keep in mind that you can hover the mouse over the red error ‘SCREENSHOT’ or ‘ERROR’ to see a screenshot of the Embedded Browser when that error happened.

  4. Clear Errors: from the name itself, this will remove all errors from the Summary tab. That’s helpful when you want to remove the old errors and check later on if any new errors occurred after the last time you checked.
  5. Export: You can export all Summary tab events to a CSV file by clicking Export.
  6. Filter: This feature allows you to display actions that contain a particular word or phrase. The word or phrase could be an error, the name of the action, or the account name. If you type Sync in the filter field, for instance, SuSocial will only display actions pertaining to synchronization.

  7. Show Status Info For: To view only actions from one particular account, choose it from the drop-down menu.
  8. Left and Right navigation buttons: this switches the selected account under Show Status Info For and the accounts are arranged alphabetically.
  9. Filter by Tag: With the help of this feature, you can limit the display of actions to profiles that have a certain tag. The tags you added to your Social Profile accounts will determine which tags appear here. Additionally, you can tag people based on their status and social media platforms.

Tips And Troubleshooting For The Summary Tab

📌 Remember that receiving an error does not always indicate that the software has a bug. A bad proxy, a sluggish internet connection, or the status of the account you are working on can all contribute to errors. If you experience any issues, try the following:

  • Check the account’s status from the Social Profiles tab, if the account doesn’t have a valid status, re-verify it and then try to execute the action again.
  • Make sure that your account is set to English, if your account is not using English, a lot of automation tasks will fail. You can check the language by opening the Embedded Browser for that account.
  • In case the error still occurs, capture a full screenshot of the Summary tab and take another screenshot as well of the image that appears when you hover your cursor over the red SCREENSHOT in the error column.
    After that, send them
    to the SuSocial support team for assistance.


The Summary tab allows you to see everything the software has done. This important feature helps you keep track of your account activities, and spot and fix any problems.

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