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How To Add Your Accounts To Su Social


Adding your social profiles is your first step after installing Su Social. By doing this, you will be able to utilize all of Su Social‘s features on the accounts you added —using tools such as Follow, Unfollow, and Like, and creating campaigns to automate post publishing on your accounts.

Su Social currently supports automation on the following social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Quora, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok (beta), and Email.

How To Add Your Social Media Accounts To Su Social

Let’s say you would like to add a Facebook account, to do that, click the ADD PROFILES button at the top and then on ADD PROFILE located beneath the Facebook logo as shown in the screenshot below.

You will then be taken to the account’s Settings page, where you can enter your login details and some other optional data.

  1. Account Name: You can put a name on your account so you can easily identify it later within the software.
  2. Account Description: Give your account a description. Users use this description field to add data such as the date of birth and the phone number used for phone verification or any other important information about their account.
  3. Account Tags: If you have multiple accounts and you would like to sort them by tags later, you can use this field to add specific tags to specific accounts.
  4. Proxy Settings: If you want to add a proxy to your account, just check that box and fill it out; a proxy is helpful if you are using multiple accounts of the same social network and if you are running Su Social on a VPS (most VPS IPs are flagged).
    You can also add the proxy through The Proxy Manager tab and connect your account to it.
  5. Account Login Details: The username and password for the account you want to add to Su Social must be entered on these fields, which is the most crucial step so that it can log in on your behalf and begin working.
  6. Verify Account: Once you’ve entered your login information, simply click Verify Account so that Su Social performs a login operation on the account for you. The status should change to Valid and that means the account is successfully logged in.

💡 About Your Accounts Privacy

➡ We do not have access to your Social Profiles credentials and we will never know what accounts you use or what you do with them. All of the account credentials (along with everything you do inside Su Social) are only stored on your computer.

➡ We will only keep your login information for Su Social itself on our servers to verify that you have a valid license. You are solely responsible for keeping your data, so make sure you always have a backup copy in case you want to move Su Social or in case your system fails.

What if I don’t want to put my login details there?

You may put a check on the Manual Login box, click on Open Browser To Log In, and log in manually using the embedded browser if you don’t want to enter your username and password inside Su Social. You can then log in just like you would log in using your regular browser. Once logged in, make sure you click Confirm Logged Into Facebook in the top right corner of the Embedded Browser. 

Su Social will be able to perform actions on your behalf, but it won’t be able to log back in if something were to cause your account to log out. You will need to repeat these steps whenever that happens.

Show Advanced Profile Settings

This checkbox will allow you to access some advanced account settings, but we won’t discuss them in this tutorial, you can learn more about them here.

The same procedures apply regardless of the type of social profile you want to add when adding additional accounts to Su Social. As many accounts as your license allow you to add can be added.

You’re now prepared to get down to business and automate your social media marketing.


With Su Social, adding multiple accounts from various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Quora, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok (beta) and Email is simple. The user’s computer securely stores the account credentials, and Su Social does not keep a record on its servers. It’s important for users to make a backup of their information in case of any system issues.

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