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How To Automate Posting To Your Accounts


We have equipped SU Social with the capability to schedule your social media posts in advance. That way, you can streamline your social media automation process better and it can help you save time to perform other tasks. We’ll walk you through the steps of creating your first campaign and publishing your first post.

How can I automate publishing my posts?

The ability to schedule posts in advance for all of your social media accounts is one of SU Social’s key features. With a good posting schedule and consistent posting, you can keep your audience engaged and interested.

You must create a Campaign that will post at the times you specify in order to make your first post on your social media account. There is only one time this setup is required; after that, you can simply go into your campaign and keep adding posts.

Let’s go to the Campaign tab of the Publisher section and click on the Add Publishing Campaign button.

We’ll just create a Standard campaign right now, so click Add Standard Campaign. Each type has a specific use, and they are all thoroughly explained in their respective Knowledge Base articles. We’ll name this one My first campaign. 

Let’s move on to publishing our first post. We don’t need to look at the advanced settings at this time, so let’s go to the second tab, What to Publish, and add our first post since our campaign already has a name.

We’ll use the post text “Hey guys, how is your day today?” and we’ll put it on the first text box.

Let’s also add an image to this post so click on the PHOTOS button next to the camera. You can either add the image from your computer or add the images from a URL. You can include multiple images in your post if you’d like. Click ADD PHOTOS once you’ve added the photo.

Click on Add to Post List once your post is complete. You can also select Add to Drafts if your post isn’t finished and you want to finish it later. For now, let’s add this to the Posts List tab and then check to see that it is listed there. If you’d like, you can also edit, delete, publish, or send any of your posts to the drafts list from the Posts List tab.

Let’s tell our campaign where to publish it now that we have our first post. Select the Destination or Destination List that you want to publish by going to the Where to Publish tab (you can read more about a Destination or a Destination List on the Where to Publish tab’s Knowledge Base article). We will have our sample posted to 1 account under the Destination sub-tab for the time being. This will be posted on the wall of a Facebook account.

Go to the When to Publish tab to complete the next step, which is to instruct the campaign when to publish. Let’s tell it to publish 5 times per day, and it will generate 5 random timers for you. You can edit each timer and set it to the precise time that you want to publish your posts if you like.

There are additional advanced options available as well that will help you target the hours of the day when you want to post more precisely. By selecting or deselecting the days here, you can also decide whether or not to post on particular days of the week. For our first post, simply make sure one of the timers is nearby so it can pick up our newly created post.

Now that our post was posted we should go to the History tab and see what it looks like. As you can notice it was successfully posted at the destination. To view the post, click on Details, then either click on Browse or Browse Embedded.

Congratulations! Through SU Social, your post was just automatically shared with your social media accounts. It will be even simpler now that everything is set up; all you have to do is add new posts via the What to Publish tab, and it will keep posting for you at your designated times. You just freed yourself up from doing several extra hours of work each week, allowing you to focus exclusively on producing amazing content going forward and no longer having to perform the tiresome manual labor.


Su Social not only supports basic tool functionalities such as follow/unfollow/like actions. It’s also capable of helping you schedule and publish your social media posts. From adding posts to setting the publishing times, to monitoring your post history, SU Social has everything you need to enhance your social media presence. Get started today and take advantage of all the benefits SU Social has to offer.

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