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The Account Notes Tab


Users can easily keep crucial information about their social media profiles organized and accessible within the program by using the Notes tab in SU Social. Users can directly access their notes from the Social Profiles tab rather than keeping them in a separate document. All social network profiles that SU Social supports have access to this tab.

Why is the Notes tab important?

The following is how you could write down significant notes about your accounts and access them without exiting the software:

We can all agree that this looks bad, and there is a character limit for the Social Profiles name, so longer notes cannot be added.

Instead, it would be kept on a different tab inside the Social Profiles view of the account by using the Notes tab.

You only need to click on the account name and navigate to the Notes tab to access it.

  1. Here, you can record the account’s specific information.
  2. By selecting Export Notes From All Accounts, you can save a copy of every note made for every account that you have under Social Profiles.

💡How to utilize the Notes tab:

In addition to what we discussed at the outset of this tutorial, you can use it to:

  • Make separate “to-do” lists for each account.
  • You may occasionally have ideas about what needs to be changed in a particular account, but you’ll likely forget about them and struggle to recall the wonderful idea you had. That shouldn’t happen again, I suppose.
  • You can use the Notes tab to better communicate what was done and what needs to be done for each account if you work in a team or have virtual assistants.
  • This can be used to record significant events that had an impact on the account.


To organize and keep track of important details about social media profiles, use the Notes tab in SU Social. To-do lists can be made, team members or virtual assistants can be contacted, and significant events can be recorded. Overall, keeping the Social Profiles tab tidy and organized makes managing multiple accounts easier.

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