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The Instagram Like Exchange Tool


Social media has become a vital tool for businesses and individuals to promote their brands and increase their online presence. Among the many strategies used to grow an account, using the Like Exchange tool can be an effective way to increase engagement and gain more followers. This tool operates on the principle of “give and take” – users need to like other people’s posts to receive likes on their own. In this article, we will discuss the Like Exchange tool and its features, including how to access and use it, as well as tips for maximizing its potential.

Are there any rules?

πŸ’‘ There is only one major requirement in order to access the Like Exchange tool: you must make at least one payment; otherwise, it won’t show up on your end and this includes if you are on a free trial. You only need to restart Su Social after making your initial payment to access the tool.

πŸ’‘ The Like Exchange tool uses an automatic points balance system, so whenever you give a like, you get points, and whenever you receive a like, you get points. In order to maintain order and ensure that everyone is treated fairly, this system was put in place.

πŸ’‘ The toolΒ operates on a 1 to 3 ratio; if you have one account that is giving likes, you can only receive likes on three posts. You can set up to receive likes on a maximum of 30 posts if you have 10 accounts. Based on how many accounts you have set up to give likes, random posts will be chosen to receive likes if you have more posts in the list to receive them.

πŸ’‘Β Having said that, you won’t receive any likes if you haven’t added any accounts to give likes or if the accountΒ used to give likes doesn’t have a Valid status. Now, if the tool won’t be able to give likes, you won’t receive likes either, which explains the gaps or skipped sessions. Another example: you added five accounts to give likes, but only three are showing as valid; as a result, you can only receive likes on nine posts.

πŸ’‘ There are also requirements to be met for adding accounts that will like posts:

  • the account must have moreΒ than 100 followers
  • the account must have a profile picture
  • the account must have at least one post.

πŸ’‘ Su Social has no control over how posts that are included in the session will be distributed to the accounts that will receive likes. As a result, the post won’t receive a like from an account that, for whatever reason, is unable to give a like during that session if it was sent to that account.

πŸ’‘ The Like Exchange has a free license by default and we also have a paid subscription for Premium Like Exchange. Users of the Premium Like Exchange will take precedence over those of the Free Like Exchange.

Where can I find it?

It’s easy to locate the tool, navigate to Su Social’s left side panel and it’s under VIP Tools:

How can I use it?

The tool has five tabs namely: Settings, Results, Summary, License, and User Guide.

Settings tab

This tab has three sections:


You should add any accounts that will give likes to posts here. The account must fulfill the following requirements for it to be qualified to like posts:

  • must have a VALID status
  • must have more than 100 followers
  • must have a profile picture
  • must have at least one post

Note that the accounts not having a VALID Social Profiles status are tagged as INVALID for their LE status which means they cannot join the current session.

You will see the following window after simply clicking the ADD ACCOUNTS button:

Once you’ve decided which accounts you want to use to like things, proceed as follows:

  1. Set the maximum number of x – y posts each account can like per day.
  2. Set the maximum number of a – b likes per session.
  3. Set the c -d participation chance of the accounts per session
  4. The selected accounts will be added and available for likes when you click the ADD SELECTED ACCOUNTS button.

πŸ“Œ There is a session every 30 minutes where accounts will be giving and receiving likes.


You add the accounts here where you want to get likes. Any username can be added to receive likes, so even if you are not currently using the account in Su Social or you do not have it added in Social Profiles, you can still add it.

  1. The number of recent posts to be extracted from each added account can be set in this section. If you keep it at 1, it will only extract the most recent post and every subsequent post that is made. By using this option, you can avoid liking older posts.
  2. You can set it to only extract posts with particular keywords if you want to be pickier about the posts you receive likes on.
  3. Simply click the ADD ACCOUNTS button to add the username you want to receive likes for. If you want to delete every account, click REMOVE ALL.You will see the following when you select ADD ACCOUNTS:

    The usernames of the accounts you want to receive likes should be added here. One account should be added per line if you want to add several accounts.
  4. Set the maximum number of x – yΒ likes per post that you want to receive.
  5. Set the most a – b sessions in which you want your posts to take part.
  6. Set the limit of how many max sessions should a post join.
  7. If you want to distribute the likes equally among each session, select this option.
  8. Decide how many of the most recent X posts should be extracted.
  9. If you want to get rid of users after getting X posts from them, use this option.
  10. You can set a daily cap on the number of extractions.
  11. Once everything is configured, click the ADD ACCOUNTS button to add the users, who will then be available to receive likes.


You can launch the tool once you’ve added the seed accounts and the accounts that will receive the likes. The PENDING POSTS section will then contain the posts as soon as they have been extracted or added.

  1. Indicate if you want to only receive likes between particular hours, and add time intervals.
  2. Select the days of the week you want to work, and you can also switch up the days.
  3. After liking posts, you can select from the following additional actions:

    • Save after Like – If you want your posts to be saved after they receive likes, check this box. Please be aware that if you choose this option, your seed accounts will also be saving posts.
    • View stories after Like – Check this box if you want people who will like your posts to see your stories. When this option is turned on, other users will use your accounts to watch their stories, so you are paying it forward.
    • Split Likes evenly across each session – If you want to distribute likes equally among each session, select this option.
    • Automatically delete the posts after x hours – If you want posts to be deleted automatically after x hours, check the box.
    • Automatically delete the posts when they have less than x likes to receive – Use this option if you want the posts to be automatically deleted when they have less than x likes to receive. eg. if you configure it to 5 and it has 4 likes left it will automatically be deleted.
  4. The posts you added are listed in the Pending Posts Index Table. You can also specify a maximum number of likes per session and stop after a maximum of X sessions on each post if you want to receive likes on multiple posts.
  5. You have the choice to manually add specific post URLs that you want to receive likes in addition to extracting like-worthy posts from the accounts you’ve added.
    When adding multiple posts, simply click the ADD POSTS button to bring up a window where you can add the URL of each post and be more specific about the ones that will garner likes:

⭐ Keys to Sucess

  • Avoid setting a number that is significantly higher than the number of followers you have on that account when you set the desired number of likes to receive. To suddenly receive a large number of likes would be suspicious.
  • In order to ensure that you have enough time to receive a high number of likes, try setting a higher number of maximum sessions to attend.
  • Your posts have a better chance of making it to the Top Posts if you choose to Save after Like.
  • For more details on the tool and additional instructions, refer to the User Guide tab.

Results tab

The tool’s output will be displayed on this tab for you to view.

  • Date that the post started to get likes.
  • Name of the user whose profile is receiving likes
  • Post’s URL that received the likes
  • The total number of likes so far
  • How many sessions have been attended to date.

There are also some Actions that you can do per item:

Browse β€” selecting this option will launch an outside browser and display the post.

Check Top Hashtags β€” this will help you find out which hashtags, if any, your post has ranked for.

Delete β€” By selecting this action link, you can delete a post from the Results list.

Summary tab

You can view the reported summary of the exchange activities on this tab. It is quite similar to the Dashboard > Summary, and using it to monitor progress and spot potential errors should be helpful.

It will also tell you the events which led to an error and some errors will contain a red SCREENSHOT word (if you are running IG Like actions using EB) which you can hover on to get a preview of what happened during the error.

License tab

If you are using the Premium plan, you can manage your payments and check the number of days left on your Like Exchange License in this tab.

As you are already aware, the Basic Su Social planΒ gives you access to the Free Like ExchangeΒ system with a cap of 150 likes per post and a maximum of 5 posts per session.

If you have an Elite Su Social plan, you can use the Like Exchange system with a cap of 300 likes per post and a maximum of 10 posts per session.

You can also sign up for the $29.99/month Premium Like Exchange Plan, which gives you unlimited access to this powerful tool, in order to use it without any restrictions.

User Guide tab

To make things easier, you can find all the information you need about the Like Exchange tool on this tab, so be sure to read the guide thoroughly to understand how the tool functions. You can always get in touch with our support line whenever you need additional assistance if there is anything you want to get clear on.


In conclusion, the Like Exchange tool can be a valuable asset for anyone looking to increase engagement on their social media accounts. Its automated point system ensures fairness among participants, and its various settings allow for customization and control over how many likes are given and received. By following the guidelines and suggestions outlined in this article, users can maximize the benefits of this tool and boost their online presence. So, give it a try and watch your account grow!

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