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How Sending Secondary Messages Work?


Welcome to the guide on using secondary messages! As a brand or business, direct messaging is a crucial tool to engage with your followers and potential clients. It not only helps in increasing conversions but also promotes brand growth. Maintaining a smooth flow of conversation is key, even if you receive no feedback from your initial message. Fortunately, SU Social’s Send Secondary Messages feature provides an effective solution to ensure that communication with your audience stays consistent. In this guide, we’ll explore how to use this feature to its fullest potential.

How do Secondary Messages work?

You can enable this feature on the Contact tool through these three tabs:

  • Use Extracted Users tab
  • Send Messages To New Followers Tab
  • Auto Reply To New Messages Tab

Send Secondary Messages Settings

  1. Send secondary messages after xx-yy hours allows you to set the delay to wait before sending the secondary message.
  2. Send only if the user has replied – This option allows you to choose to send secondary messages only if the user replied to the primary/first message you sent them.

    ➡  If selected, the secondary message will only be sent if the user has responded to the primary message that SU Social has sent out.

    ➡  The ‘Retry’ option will allow you to set how many times to retry to send the secondary messages. It works together with the number of hours that you want it to operate.

  3. Send only if the user has not replied – This option allows you to configure the feature to send secondary messages only when users do not reply to the first message you send them.

Edit Secondary Messages

Here is where you can edit/add your secondary messages, you need to click on EDIT SECONDARY MESSAGES to get the window below

Here are the features of SU Social’s secondary message tool:

  • Message Box: This area allows you to create your message, and you can add spintax and emojis for variety.
  • Tokens: You can use tokens to insert user information that matches the recipient’s profile. You can check this guide for more info about tokens
  • Add Photos or Videos: You can include images or videos in your message by clicking on the respective icons.
  • Delete Message: You can remove any unwanted messages from your list.
  • Add New Message: You can send multiple secondary messages by adding new messages.
  • Check Spintax: If you have used spintax in your message, you can verify the syntax’s accuracy by clicking on this button.
  • You can also opt to share the most recent post of a specific user after sending the second message. (It works only when using the API).


In conclusion, using secondary messages can be a game-changer for any brand or business looking to engage with their followers and clients on social media. With SU Social’s Send Secondary Messages feature, you can keep your communication consistent, even if the initial message goes unanswered. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create effective secondary messages that will help you build stronger relationships with your audience and ultimately, grow your brand. Remember to keep your messages personalized, use spintax and emojis for variety, and take advantage of the tokens to make the conversation more engaging. With the right approach, you’ll be able to see an increase in conversions and a boost in your brand’s reputation on social media.


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