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Instagram – Tagname Scraping Method


Instagram continues to tighten its restrictions on the amount of API calls that a user account makes in light of all the important changes it has made recently. As a result, we strongly advise using scraper accounts for performing the API calls needed to execute the actions on your IG accounts in Su Social. 

More seasoned users of other automation software may be familiar with the Classic Scrape method wherein a child/slave/scraper/dummy account collects the users/posts that you’re going to Follow/Like/Comment/etc. on and feed them to the mother/main/master IG account.

With this tutorial, we will guide you on how to use the Tagname Scraping method.

What are child/slave/scraper/dummy accounts?

This can be any other available IG accounts that you can add to Su Social under the Instagram Scraper account category*. The scraper accounts are tasked to perform the API calls required to process actions on the tools run by the main account. This strategy keeps the main accounts safe from getting blocks/verification requests. If you don’t use scrapers, you may end up encountering a lot of problems with your main accounts getting blocks/verification requests/bans. It’s a good idea to use scrapers to prevent these issues on your main accounts.

Do not use important IG accounts as scrapers, and do not use accounts that you are growing. You may use accounts that you’re not afraid of losing since they will just act as workers on behalf of your main accounts. If you do not have other available accounts, you can create your own via the IG Create Accounts tool or you can purchase some accounts.

You will need to allot different proxies for the scrapers as the main accounts and scrapers should never run on the same IP address or proxy.

✳️ You may only add the Instagram Scraper account type if you are on the Plus plan (30 accounts) or higher. If you have the Basic plan (10 accounts) you may add the scrapers as regular Instagram accounts. See the next section for details.

It says I cannot add Instagram Scraper accounts, why?

📌 The Instagram Scraper account type (boxed in red) can only be added if you are on the Plus plan (30 accounts) or higher.

📌 If you wish to add a scraper and you are on the Basic plan (10 accounts), you may add it as a regular Instagram profile instead (boxed in blue), then just add the tagname scraper to that account for it to be identified as a scraper that you wish to use.


What is the Tagname Scraping method?

The Tagname Scraping method is where you will label the child/slave/scraper/dummy accounts with a tagname, and you will specify the said tagname under three global options in Su Social to indicate that these are the accounts that you want to be used for the sole purpose of scraping, thereby giving you more control over managing API calls. This also means that you can leverage these options to reduce API calls made by your mother/main/master accounts, decreasing the chances of getting blocks and verification requests from Instagram.

Getting started with the Tagname Scraping method

Under Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > General tab and you will find the three options shown in the image below:

1. The first option relates to Scrape Tools. It enables you to specify which accounts to use for any extractions made using the Scrape tools.

For example, if you add a tag name of Tag1 in that box, Su Social will only use accounts with the tagname Tag1 to perform extractions using the Scrape tools.

When this option is not selected, the Scrape tools can use any available Valid account running on the API.

2. The second option enables you to specify which accounts to use for Sync operations. When using this option, Su Social will only use accounts with the tag name you add to the option during syncing.

There’s an additional option if you want the sync using scrapers to only be applied on master accounts with specific tagnames. If unchecked, all accounts will use scrapers when syncing.

3. The third option is beneficial when you want to specify which accounts to be used when scraping data from sources for the tools you run on your main accounts.

✳️ This is the option that you can use if you want to use the Tagname Scraping Method.

  • Apply only on accounts with specific tagnames – If you want master accounts with particular tagnames only to use the scraper accounts, select this option and add the tagnames of your master accounts. All accounts will use scrapers when using the tools if the box is left unchecked.
  • Skip wait time between operations if scraper gets verification – use this option to automatically run the tool’s operation again if the scraper used gets verification.
  • Use main account to scrape when there are no scrapers available – If this option is enabled when no scrapers are available, the main account will be used for scraping instead of getting error 550.
  • Use scrapers only for specific tools – When enabled, the scrapers will only be used for the tools you selected here. The tools unchecked will use the main account to scrape data.

What happens when I enable this option?

Su Social will utilize the accounts with the tag name you chose in the option above to scrape data for any tool you start on your main account when you add sources to your main account, verify the filters, and do everything else.

The main accounts will only carry out the exact tool action you desire, such as following a person or liking/commenting on a post, while the slave accounts will be used to extract people and posts from the sources and this part will be done behind the scenes.

For this to work effectively, you shouldn’t run any tools or add anything to your scraper account. Instead, all you have to do is make sure the tagname is exactly as you set in the option above, and that it is in a Valid status.

Please refer to the image below on how it should look like.

I’m used to the Classic Scrape method, what can I do?

📌 It’s up to you if you want to keep using the Classic Scraping method, where you add the targeted sources to the slave account and set its Follow/Like tools to extract users from those sources and automatically send them to the Main account;

Or you can use the Tagname Scraping Method, where you add everything to your main account (sources and filters), and Su Social will use the tagged accounts (accounts with the tag name you specify in the option above) automatically to extract users/posts for the tools you run on your main account from the added sources.

📌 In contrary to the classic method, if you decide to use the Tagname Scrape method, you will add all sources, settings, and filters to the main account instead of the slave/scraper accounts.

On the other hand, the only thing you need to do on your scraper/slave account is to ensure that it’s Valid on the Social Profiles tab and to give it the tagname you specified for the accounts you want to use for scraping.

Keys to Success

✅ Kindly set up the scraper accounts to be human-like as well (set up the bio description, publish some posts, and have some followers/followings) so that IG will not suspect that a blank account performs API calls.
You may utilize these two options under the accounts’ Advanced Profile Settings so that your accounts will perform random follow/like/unfollow actions (and even posting if you choose the API option).

✅ Make sure to copy/paste the tagname instead of typing it to avoid typos, which would prevent the account from participating.

✅ Ensure the account has the same tagname you added in the option.

✅ Knowing that Instagram is more restrictive than ever, it is advisable nowadays that users have a separate set of scrapers for the regular IG tools (eg. Comment, Follow, Like) and for Scrape Tools usage. For example, you can have the tagname scraper for accounts that will be used for tools and scrapetools for scraper accounts to be used for Scrape Tools.

You must bear in mind that if you have a lot of main accounts but not enough scrapers, some of them won’t be able to operate since there isn’t a scraper account accessible to extract the data for them. As a result, you will receive error code 550.

We strongly advise setting up at least 2 – 3 scrapers for each of your main accounts as scrapers for this particular purpose. For instance, you need to have at least 60 – 90 slave accounts (accounts with the tagname you provided on that option) if you are growing 30 main Instagram accounts.

✅ Additionally, you may use the option below to make it exclusive for main accounts that have the tagnames you indicate there if you just want to apply this to a particular group of accounts.


The recent changes to Instagram’s API call restrictions have highlighted the importance of using efficient scraping methods for your main accounts. Both the Classic and the Tagname Scrape Methods offer unique approaches to minimize the risk of getting blocked on your main accounts. By carefully selecting the appropriate method and adjusting your settings according to your needs, you can optimize your account management and ensure that your main and scraper accounts work together effectively. Remember to maintain a sufficient number of scraper accounts to avoid error code 550 and keep your operations running smoothly. By following these guidelines, you can maximize the performance of Su Social and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of Instagram.

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