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Instagram – How To Use Second Level Tagging


Despite its rising popularity, Instagram has always been recognized as a highly restrictive social platform. Instagram is committed to maintaining the platform’s integrity, making it a challenge for many to grow their accounts.

However, Instagram still remains the most effective platform for promoting social media presence with an unparalleled conversion rate, leading to exponential growth in the number of users.

How can SU Social help in growing my account?

SU Social has a suite of Instagram tools available for users to manage their accounts effectively. One of the latest additions to the toolset is the Mentions Tool, designed to aid account growth. However, there is another feature that has been around for some time but is often overlooked.

This feature is the ‘Second Level Tagging‘ option in Campaigns, which allows users to tag other accounts in their story. Tagging users in your story is a common strategy among Instagram users to attract attention to their accounts, and this feature can help take it to the next level.

Things you need to know about Second Level Tagging on Campaign

✅ Access the second-level tagging option by going to the Campaign Overview tab, clicking the Advanced Settings button, selecting the Instagram tab, and enabling the option to tag specific users in your post.

✅ By using the second-level tagging option, only one tagged user from the second-level tag list will appear on the story, no matter where you click on it. This user is the one you want to promote, while all other tagged users from the primary tag list will be hidden.

✅ Note that there is a limit to the number of users you can tag in stories, with a maximum of 10 users allowed, which is a combination of primary and second-level tagged users.

✅ When posting to the Story, it’s important to remember that it only works on API. Therefore, don’t set the account to post on the embedded browser or select “use only the embedded browser (do not use API)” in the Advanced Profile Settings of the account.

💡 To confirm, you can go to Social Profiles, click on the name of the account, select “Show Advanced Profile Settings,” scroll down, and ensure that these two options are unchecked.

✅ Second-level tagging in Stories works for both single-image posts and video posts.

✅ You can automatically scrape users and set them to be sent to the Campaign for tagging purposes via the Follow Tool.

Automating the Second Level Tagging on your Campaign

Instead of manually adding users to the “tag specific users” option in the Campaign Advanced Settings > Instagram tab, SU Social provides a more efficient way to automatically receive users through the Follow Tool.

📌 Before starting, ensure that a receiving Campaign and Destination List are set up properly to publish on the Instagram story of the posting account.

📌 It is important to include a tag name in the campaign that will receive the extracted users from the Follow Tool.

Configuring the Follow Tool

To send users automatically to the ‘tag specific users’ in Campaign, go to the Follow Tool of a scraper account, then check the option ‘Send to extracted users’ in the Follow tool Settings Tab.

After that, scroll down to the Extracted Users section then check the option to ‘Send to Campaign Tag Users –> type the tag name of the campaign where you want to send the extracted users to.

Getting ready to publish from Campaign

Once you have set up the filters and sources in the Follow Tool and configured it to send extracted users to the receiving campaign, it is time to set up the campaign.

To begin, navigate to the campaign that you have designated to receive the extracted users. From the Campaign Overview tab, click the Campaign Advanced Settings button and go to the Instagram tab. Then, enable the following options:

  1. Check the box labeled ‘Post as part of your story instead of on the wall’. You can also select the option to ‘Instagram – split videos in smaller parts’ if you want to publish longer videos on your Story.
  2.  Check the option ‘Tag specific users in your post’.
    All extracted users received from the Follow Tool will be added to the primary tag list.
    You can choose to remove the user from the list after he is tagged as well as tag users in rotation.
  3. Check ‘Enable second level user tagging’.
    This is where you must add the username/s that you want to promote and this will be the username that will appear when you click on the image/video Story post that is published from this campaign.

    📌 It is possible to add several users in the second level tag list, and SU Social will choose one user at a time and tag them in rotation on every post. Additionally, it’s essential to note that users added to the second tag list will not be removed, so it’s crucial to add the accounts you want to promote to this list and not the primary tag list.
    ✅ Double-check the Where To Publish tab and see to it that the correct Destination List is selected there before starting the Campaign.

Check out some examples of Stories posted with second level tagging enabled.

💡 Stories were added to ‘Highlight’ for viewing purposes.

Image: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17874118420731596/

Video: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17903288581475615/


SU Social offers you a collection of Instagram tools that can help you to manage your accounts.  And just recently, we added the Mentions Tool which can help encourage growth on your account.  additionally, you know now about the second-level tags which is a beneficial feature that has been around for some time now but its potential is yet to be revealed.

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