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How To Use The Destination Lists


In the world of social media, a destination refers to the platform where you publish or share your post. In SU Social, a Destination List is a collection of destinations that can be used for automating posts on different social networks.

What is a Destination List?

A destination list is a collection of destinations in SU Social. It can be made up of various social networks that are focused on the market or niche you are working in, such as Facebook (walls, stories, groups, and pages), Instagram (walls), Pinterest boards, and so on. A single Destination List can contain as many destinations as you like, and you can use it on your Campaigns that will automatically post to the social networks you’ve chosen. If you are publishing the post to numerous accounts, pages, or groups, this is very helpful.

Creating a Destination List

1. If it’s your first time creating a campaign and you navigate to the Where to Publish tab, there’s no option there to create a Destination List.

2. You need to put a check on the option to Show Advanced Destinations Options found in the lower-left corner of the screen after which your Where to Publish tab will have two sub-tabs.

3. Once available, navigate to the Destination Lists sub-tab and click the ADD DESTINATION LIST button. A pop-up window with the options for the Destination List will show up. Add a name that is recognizable to your niche. To make it simpler to find the destination list for a specific niche, you can also add tags.

4. By checking the boxes next to those accounts on the left side, you can choose which social media profiles you want to include in your destination list.

The columns for Groups, Pages/Boards, Wall/Profile, and Story can then be found on the right side. You would indicate here which specific area of that account you would like the post sent to.

You will be also given an overview of how many locations the campaign will publish to based on your selections (see items highlighted in yellow on the image below). Every time an item is selected or deselected, the total changes.

5. Close the pop-up window for the Destination List after selecting the locations for it, then check the box next to that Destination List to designate it as the publishing destination for the campaign you are currently working on.

Other Features of Destination Lists

💡 The Settings sub-tab from the Destination Lists window allows you to primarily control which destinations are selected as well as the areas of the accounts to publish to. The next tab, Auto Select Destinations, on the other hand, have the following:

  • Auto Select new Groups for the chosen Accounts. This would automatically add newly joined groups of a particular account that is included in your Destination List.  This would save you a great deal of time as compared to manually editing the list and selecting the groups.
  • To uncheck groups that require admin validation for posts, just tick the associated checkbox.
  • You also have the option to Auto-select destinations based on Tags. If an account has the tag you specified on the textbox, then this destination list will automatically select that account for publishing (the checkbox on the left side). You can also choose whether to auto-select the destination if it has any of the specified tags, OR if it has all of the specified tags.

💡 Clicking on the name of the destination list will bring up a pop-up window that will allow you to edit it if you want to change the pages/boards, groups, or walls/profiles to publish to for a particular destination list.

💡 You can select a specific location, such as walls, groups, pages/boards, or stories, for each Social Profile you’ve chosen. For Instagram, the Campaign Overview tab > Advanced Settings > Instagram tab is where posting to IG Stories or Reels can be set up.

💡 For Groups and Pages/Boards, simply click the action link to bring up a smaller window where you can choose the appropriate groups, pages, or boards. When finished, simply close the box.


By creating a Destination List in SU Social, you can streamline your social media marketing efforts and save time. With features such as Auto Select Destinations and the ability to edit and modify lists, managing multiple social media accounts has never been easier.

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