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The Software Settings tab


You can configure your SU Social’s global settings in the Settings section of the left panel menu, just like you can in any other piece of software.

The Software Settings tab is the first of the eight tabs in the Settings section. You can modify the default software settings on this tab to tailor SU Social to your requirements and preferences.

Software Settings Options:

  • Run SU Social at system startupthis will allow SU Social to launch automatically when a computer boots up.
  • Show tooltip when minimizing to the system tray will notify you with a tooltip when you press the X key from the interface’s top right corner that you have minimized the screen and that SU Social  is currently running in the system tray, as shown in the illustration below.

  • Recreate desktop shortcuts at startupIn case you unintentionally deleted it, this option will automatically create an SU Social shortcut on your desktop upon software startup.
  • Start App minimizedWhen SU Social is first launched, a minimized window will be visible.
  • Show same accounts in Social Profile Details and Tools Details as in Social Profiles and Tools – use this option if you want the same filters you applied in Social Profiles and Tools to be applied for the accounts when shown in Details.

  • Enable Global NightmodeIf this option is turned on, no action will be taken during the night mode’s transitional hours regardless of social profiles. The times that the night mode will be on can be randomly chosen.

Despite having a global impact, there is one exception to the rule. A setting in Social Profiles’ Advanced Profile Settings allows you to set a local night mode for a specific account. If you do, the account will not be included in the global nightmode.

  • Enable Global Find & Replace for Post Text (applies to all campaigns)If you want SU Social to search for and replace specific text across all running campaigns, select this option.

You have X=Y, where X is the word it would search for and Y is the word that will replace X word, as can be seen from the examples given in the text box.

  • Wait a minimum of X hours before executing a new synchronization on an account. (the actual value is randomized)This is the frequency of account synchronization for Social Profiles.
  • Allow up to X campaigns to process RSS feeds at the same timeThis relates to the number of campaigns that should simultaneously process RSS feeds.
  • Use Tab instead of a comma (“,”) for CSV exportsIf you prefer tabs to commas as the file delimiters in the SU Social exported files, check this box. 
  • Enable Contact different users across all accounts configured in SU SocialUse this option if you don’t want SU Social to use the Contact tool on the same users across all of your social network accounts.
  • When posting videos select a random frame for the cover (thumbnail)By selecting this option, SU Social will be able to select a random frame from the video as its thumbnail rather than the first frame.
  • Change video hash before postingWhen activated, it would change the video’s hash, making it distinct.
  • Do not show info messagesBy selecting this option, SU Social won’t display tooltips that explain how some options function (hover your mouse over this option to see an example).
  • Use local pc culture for date-time, calendar format (am/pm, first day of the week ..)will permit SU Social to utilize your PC’s local date, time, and calendar settings as opposed to the default format.

  • Enable Auto Restart SU Social after a minimum of X hoursSet this option to restart SU Social automatically after a predetermined period of time has passed since it first began operating.
  • Restart SU Social daily at XHere, you can program SU Social to restart at a particular time each day.
  • Install new available updates between HH:MM and HH:MMallows you to select the time frame for when application updates are installed.
  • Force the app to remain with one update version behind the latestYour SU Social will be kept one update behind the most recent version as opposed to updating to it.
  • Limit the number of records in any list to Xestablishes the maximum number of records that can be kept in various results, including the Follow Results tab and similar results.
  • Limit the number of Dashboard – Summary items to X – this will restrict the number of event logs that can will appear in the Dashboard > Summary tab
  • Limit the number of posts in Campaigns to Xis the highest number of posts that each campaign can support.
  • Limit the number of files in Monitor Folder to Xthe maximum number of files that can be stored in a Monitor Folder.

  • Recreate the Dashboard window each time it’s visited (check this if you have issues with the Graph from Statistics) – When you select this option, the Dashboard window’s display will be updated each time you access it.
  • Force campaigns to keep the same Creation Date on posts sent from DraftsWhen sending posts from the Drafts to Posts List tab, use this option to maintain the posts’ original creation dates.
  • Enable performance analysisthis is only activated upon support request, and its primary function is to assist in resource usage analysis for SU Social.
  • Embedded Browser User Agentallows you to modify the generic user agent that will be used by all embedded browsers.
  • Reset open file dialogIf SU Social crashes when attempting to import data, check this option.
  • Disable Social Profiles description tooltipYou can enable this option if the profile name is hidden by the description tooltip when you hover over a particular account in Social Profiles.
  • Database integrity check (advanced settings)
  • Export passwords on Social profiles exportIf this option is checked, passwords will be included in the export file when exporting social profiles. You will be asked to enter your SU Social password when enabling this option.
  • Resize and flip images when changing MD5This will increase image uniqueness and be used everywhere that MD5 is used. You can decide whether to flip only, only resize or both.
  • Number of simultaneous tasks used for importing campaign posts from CSVHere, you can specify how many tasks will be carried out at once to import campaign posts from CSV.
  • Show male/female names – these are the list of names used when using gender filtering. Feel free to add/remove names from this list and add names for other languages. Note that only English names are indicated by default.
  • Hide license days leftThe XX days of license remaining will not be displayed in the sidebar.
  • Ignore emojis when searching in textThis enables SU Social to disregard emojis when looking up invalid or valid words in a text. For example. if you are using the Follow tool filter users must not contain invalid words, then emojis will be ignored.
  • Hide unread messages notification – use this if you want to hide the red circle appearing in Social Profiles Name column when you have unread messages.


In SU Social, you can personalize the software settings according to your needs and preferences. With its range of options, it offers flexibility allowing users to optimize their experience and streamline their social media management tasks.

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