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The Linkedin Unfollow Tool


Each social network has set limitations, including LinkedIn’s limit of following up to 5,000 people who aren’t connections. If you have reached this limit, you won’t be able to follow more users until you unfollow some. Even if you haven’t reached the limit, you can still use SU Social’s Unfollow tool to balance your followings and followers for added credibility.

How to access the LinkedIn Unfollow tool?

To access the Unfollow tool, click on your account on the TOOLS tab, then click on the Unfollow tool in the left menu that contains the list of tools of the account.

The Unfollow tool for Linkedin in SuSocial has two sections:

  1. Run Timers: This section allows you to control the time frame when the tool will start executing the unfollow operations.
  2. Unfollow Limits: In this section, you can set limits on the number of unfollows the tool will perform each day, and per hour.

Run Timers section:

In this section, there are several customizable settings:

  1. Unfollow users X to Y days after being followed by SuSocial
  2. Interval time before starting a new unfollow operation
  3. Number of users to unfollow per operation
  4. Time of day for SuSocial to unfollow users, with the option to add intervals and randomize
  5. Option to set random sleep time between operations
  6. Days of the week for the tool to operate, with the option to rotate the days and exclude weekends if desired.

💡 The SuSocial Unfollow tool has the option to rotate the days it will execute unfollow actions, which would be equivalent to the number of days initially selected randomly. You can choose to exclude weekends from the rotation if desired. The tool will only operate on the selected days.

Unfollow Limits section:

  1. The Unfollow Limits section of the SuSocial Unfollow tool allows you to set the maximum daily and hourly limit for the unfollow action. The limits can be set as a random number between two figures, for example, 150-250 unfollows per day. You also have the option to increase the limits on a daily basis.
  2. We have a similar option for the hourly limits, which works the same as the daily limit option.
  3. There is an option to Enable automatic follow/unfollow after, which will automatically stop the Unfollow tool and start the Follow tool under certain conditions, such as when the account has less than a certain number of followings or there are no more users to unfollow.

Finally, to start the Unfollow tool, click on the switch button at the top of the tab and switch it status to Started to start the tool.

💡The users you unfollow will be marked on the Follow tool results with a YES as a value for the Was Unfollowed Column, check the highlighted examples below:


In conclusion, managing your social media presence is crucial in building your online brand and reputation. LinkedIn is no exception to this rule, and it’s important to maintain a balance between your followings and followers for maximum impact. With the help of tools like SU Social’s Unfollow tool, you can easily manage your LinkedIn account and stay within the platform’s limitations. By using this tool, you can unfollow users who are no longer relevant to your professional network, creating space to follow new connections and build your online presence.

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