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The Linkedin Like Tool


On LinkedIn, you have the ability to react to posts in a similar fashion as other social media platforms. The LinkedIn Like tool enables you to automatically show approval and like posts from your feed, favored company pages, or the profiles of your connections. By doing so, you enhance your credibility as your network is able to view the posts you have liked.

How to access the Linkedin Like tool?

To utilize the LinkedIn Like tool, navigate to the TOOLS tab, select your LinkedIn profile, then select the Like tool from the list of available tools on the left side.

Once you have access to the LinkedIn Like tool, you will see three tabs: Settings, Sources, and Results.

Settings tab:

In the settings tab, we have three sections: Run timers, Like Limits, and Post filters.

Run Timers section:

  1. The “Wait between X and Y minutes before each new operation” option lets you set a waiting period before the tool begins a new operation.
  2. The “Add random sleep time” feature allows the tool to take a break for X to Y minutes before starting a new operation after completing A to B operations.
  3. The “Execute between 12:00AM and 11:59PM” option lets you control the hours during which the tool will perform its scheduled actions. You can also add multiple intervals or randomize the timers.
  4. The “Days of the week when to operate” allows you to choose which days the tool will execute actions. If you choose to “Rotate days,” the tool will pick a random number of days from your initial selection, and you can choose to exclude weekends from the variation if desired.


  • Option to set the tool to like the company posts as the Profile and not as the page itself.
  • Use random reactions for posts – like, celebrate, support etc.

Like Limits section:

  • The maximum daily limit for the Like action can be set in this section. Based on the range you set between X and Y, the tool will select a random number between the figures. For example, if you set a maximum of 50-100 likes per day, the daily limit could be reached after liking any number between 50 and 100. You can increase the daily limits until reaching the desired max count of likes.
  • You can also set the limit on the number of likes the tool will execute per hour, with the option to increase the hourly limits on a daily basis until reaching the value you indicated.

Post Filters section:

  • The filter allows you to only like posts that are less than X days old.

Sources tab:

To add posts for like actions using this tool:

  1. Paste links of your feed, Company Pages, or preferred User’s Walls in the textbox
  2. Click “Add to Like List”
  3. The links will appear in the table with options to open in embedded browser, copy the link, or delete the source item from the added sources.

💡 You can also Export/Import links to/from CSV file or clear the entire list if desired using the buttons under the sources table.

💡 You can also like posts from community hashtags, but note that they need to be registered with the page.

Results tab:

The Results tab displays all performed actions, including the date of execution, keyword or URL from the Sources tab used, and the username of the user executed from the source.

You can also delete a result, open the post in either the default browser or the embedded browser, or copy the link using one of the buttons we have on the table.


In conclusion, the SU Social Like tool on LinkedIn is a simple but effective way to show support and express approval for posts on the platform. It not only allows you to engage with content but also helps to enhance your professional image and credibility. By using the Like tool, you can make your presence known on LinkedIn, expand your network, and build valuable relationships with other professionals in your industry. Overall, incorporating the “Like” tool into your LinkedIn strategy can be a powerful way to establish yourself as an engaged and informed member of the platform.



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