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The Error and BackUp Tab


In the Error/Backup tab, we’ll explore the various options available for backing up your valuable data and where we store error images, ensuring that you can quickly recover from any unexpected issues that may arise. With just a few clicks, you can safeguard your important files and minimize any downtime, so let’s dive in!

How to access the Error-Backup tab?

You just need to click on SETTINGS in the main menu on the left side of the Su Social Window, then click on the Error/Backup tab.

The Error/Backup Options:

  • OPEN LOGS FOLDER – Using this button will open the logs folder which is located inside the Su Social folder, and it will contain the logs for all actions that Su Social executes.
  • OPEN ERROR IMAGES FOLDER – This will open the ErrorImage folder where we store all the images that we capture when errors happen while executing the actions, Su Sociale will automatically capture the Error Images and save them as they can be helpful when troubleshooting those errors.

💡 Important tips:

✔ When sending logs to support, compress all files and send us a copy of the zipped file. This is helpful for identifying the problem.

✔ These backup options are mainly used under the supervision of the support team. If you email support, they may request certain options to help identify the problem.

You have the following backup options:

  • Delete logs and error images after X days: This option will remove the contents of the logs and error images folder after a specified number of days.
  • Keep a backup for the last X days: Su Social automatically creates a backup every day, and you can choose how many days you want to keep. This is useful for restoring the application to a previous state.

💡 To save space, you can keep a maximum backup of 4 days or less.

  • Backup every X hours: You can set how often Su Social will create a backup. For example, if you choose 8 hours, Su Social will automatically create a backup every 8 hours.
  • Enable verbose logging: If you check this option, Su Social will provide more detailed information in the logs.
  • Remove unused files from the Data folder with each backup: This option will automatically delete unused files from the Data folder.
  • Specify Custom Backup Location: You can choose the path where the backup folder will be saved. You can view your selected backup location underneath this option.
  • Backup Now button: This button initiates a backup action, and you can track its progress on the Dashboard > Summary tab.
  • Restore Application State: Click on one of the available restore slots to restore the application to an earlier state.


📌 Before you choose to restore, keep in mind that you will lose all data and settings that were saved after the selected restore date or point, so use this option only when you have an issue with your data.


In conclusion, the error/backup tab of our software offers essential tools for safeguarding your data and minimizing downtime. By backing up your valuable files and images, you can rest assured knowing that you can recover quickly from any unexpected issues that may arise.

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