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The Connectivity Tab


This is the Connectivity tab, a powerful feature that enables you to integrate different services that we support to help you solve different issues automatically, such as email verification, phone verifications, solving captchas, etc.

How to access the Connectivity tab?

To access the Connectivity tab, you need to click on the SETTINGS option from the main menu on the left side of Su Social, then click on the Connectivity tab as indicated below:

The tab contains 7 options, and we will discover all the services that you can integrate with Su Social to make your work easier, which can also save you a lot of time.

  • Open AI API

This is the option you need to enable if you want to be able to use the powerful and versatile tool chatGPT, which generates human-like responses to natural language prompts. We have added functionalities to create posts/content for your campaigns using Open AI and using AI to generate comments.

You check the option, then you add your Open AI API key as indicated above, and then make sure to click on the Test Open AI Account button to see if the account is operational.

📌 You can get your API key from HERE

📌 Open AI has made changes to its billing rules, and now requires users to purchase credits in advance to use the API. Please make sure that your Open AI account has enough on it prior to adding the API key in SU Social. You can visit the following link to verify your credit usage: https://platform.openai.com/account/usage

  • Personal Flickr api

You can add the Flickr API if you want to extract images from Flickr when creating content in the Campaign – What To Publish tab using Campaign – Flickr Posts.

  • Personal Bit.ly accounts

This option allows you to integrate your personal Bit.ly account with Su Social to shorten all links included in your posts or links you send in messages.

You can also do it manually and shorten the links you want by pasting them in the Bit.ly Minifier text box above and then clicking on the Minify button.

  • YOURLs Accounts

This works the same way as bit.ly. you can add  Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS)  which can also be used to shorten links.

  • Global clickable image post servers

This is useful when you are publishing a clickable image. You will need to add at least one clickable image server.

📌 If you want to assign a specific clickable image server for each account, you can do it in Social Profiles (Advanced Profile Settings).  Otherwise, the list of clickable image servers you add here will be a global list that will be used for all accounts that don’t have a custom server.

  • Captcha servers

The captcha servers can be very useful to automatically solve captchas for the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts you have in Su Social.

📌 You can either use 2Captcha or DeathByCaptcha services.  However, Su Social is just supporting the integration of these two services.  That’s why you’ll need to have a valid account with one of them and make sure it has enough credits to be able to use it with Su Social. If you have both, Su Social will only be using one at a time.

  • Instagram/Twitter phone verification

Here you can add the API key/token from the available phone verification services we support above and make sure it’s operational using the test buttons we have on each one of them, to be sure that the phone verification will work as expected.

  • Instagram HikerAPI external scraping API key

If you prefer external scraping instead of using IG Scraper Accounts, you can input the HikerAPI API key here so external scraping will work (configured via the main IG account’s Advanced Profile Settings).


In conclusion, the Connectivity tab is an essential feature that can save you time and effort by automating various tasks like email and phone verifications. Integrating the different services we support will streamline your workflow and improve the overall efficiency of your work managing your social media accounts in Su Social.

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