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Campaigns – The Flickr Posts Extractor


In SU Social, you can add posts to your campaign in a variety of ways in addition to creating your own. You can make the most of your time when scheduling the content that will be published on your account by using these alternative options for adding posts.

There is another option that will allow you to scrape images for your content, even though many users opt to extract posts via the Share Posts, Scrape Post, RSS Feed, and Monitor folders.

If you have a Flickr API Key, of course, you can also extract images from Flickr using SU Social.

Go to the following path: Publisher section > Campaign > What to Publish tab > Flickr Posts sub-tab to access this option.

Setting up Flickr on SU Social

Go to Settings > Connectivity tab, and enter your FLICKR API Key. You can then head over to your Campaign and begin creating your posts from there.

Auto-extracting posts from Flickr

From the Campaigns > What to Publish tab > Flickr Posts sub-tab, all you need to do is:

  1. In the appropriate box, enter the keyword you want to use to extract images.
  2. The supported tokens [TITLE], [DESCRIPTION], and [URL] can be added to the Feed Template box, and their values from the Feed will be substituted for them.
  3. The number of images to be extracted, the text and description, the source URL, and the choice to only extract images with no copyright restrictions are just a few of the other options that can be configured.
  4. Simply click on the EXTRACT FLICKR POSTS button to begin the extraction.

  5. When finished, a window displaying the Flickr posts that SU Social has extracted will appear.


SU Social offers various options to add posts to your campaign, making it easier for you to schedule content. By adding your Flickr API Key in the Settings > Connectivity Tab, you can easily extract images from Flickr and use them for your posts.

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