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Campaigns – The Share Posts


A great way to advertise your Page and spread information about your brand is by posting to Facebook or LinkedIn groups relevant to your niche. Additionally, even though there may not be much interaction between a group and a page, you can choose to share your page posts with your groups.

Sharing page posts to groups

You can use the Share Post feature from the campaign to publish posts from your Facebook or LinkedIn page or share from another page with your groups.

Create a campaign first, then navigate to the What to Publish tab and click the Share Post sub-tab.

A post can be published from a LinkedIn page in one of two ways:

  1. By adding a Facebook/Linkedin Page or Group Post URL
  2. By adding the Facebook/Linkedin Page itself

💡All extracted posts are delivered to the Posts List tab, where they are queued for publication to the destinations you’ve chosen.

Configuring the Share Post function

  1. The first way you can add a post via Share Post is by adding the permalink/URL of your Page posts
  2. Click on ADD POSTS once the Page post URL is added
  3. The second method of including post on your page is to import from file.
    📌 There is also a required format when importing a list here, so make sure that you follow the right format. You can click the sample here button to view the format.
  4. The third way involves adding the URL of your Facebook or LinkedIn page.
  5. Set your page settings and filters:
    • Check every page for new posts every X minutesYou need to set a timer here to determine how frequently SU Social will check that page for new posts to scrape. Observe that this will only begin if the campaign is ACTIVE.
    • Extract a maximum of X posts per operationset the most posts to extract in a single operation. The Post List of the Campaign will receive all of the extracted files and publish them there.
    • KeywordsYou can specify a keyword that will be used to filter the posts if you want to scrape only certain posts that contain that keyword. If you want to scrape every new post from that page, leave this blank.
    • Share posts that are maximum X days oldThe maximum number of days that a post may be published can be set. If, for instance, you only want to share content from that page that is no more than 5 days old, you can enter 5 for the number of days, in which case it will ignore content that is older than 5 days.
    • Share posts that have between X and Y likesYou can either put 0-0 to ignore this filter or choose to filter the post based on the number of likes. 
  6. Click on ADD PAGE once you’re done setting it up.

When you add a page post URL, it is automatically added to the Posts List tab. When you add a page URL, it will be added to the table below:

📌 In order for SU Social to extract posts from the page and add them to the Posts List tab, make sure to click START under the Actions column and that the campaign is ACTIVE.


Sharing your Facebook or LinkedIn page posts to groups relevant to your niche is an effective way to gain more audience and promote your brand. By using the Share Post feature from SU Social campaigns, you can easily share your Facebook or LinkedIn page posts with groups at ease.

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