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The Security Tab


Your to-do list probably already contains too many items and keeps getting longer every few days. You may need to think about hiring a virtual assistant and delegating some of your SU Social tasks to them in order to have enough time to focus on your family and business, for instance:

  • Producing and planning posts to be published.
  • Replying to Direct Messages.
  • Confirming accounts by phone and email.
  • … etc

We at SU Social recognize that despite your desire for assistance, you may not feel comfortable granting others access to all of SU Social‘s features. For this reason, we developed the Security Tab.

You can password-protect any item from the left sidebar using the Security tab.

How can I find the Security tab?

On the left sidebar, go to Settings then navigate to the Security tab. This is the last sub-tab under Settings.

How can I secure some sections with a password?

You can prevent others from accessing certain menu items without entering your SU Social account password inside the Security tab.

All menu items you don’t want your virtual assistant to access should be deselected or unchecked.

When you’re finished, click the Enable Security button (see screenshot above). A pop-up window will appear, requesting your login password. Enter your SU Social password here, then click OK.

The button that was set to enable security will now read Disable Security. Simply click the Disable Security button when you no longer require additional security.


To sum it up, if you are feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant. However, if you’re concerned about granting them access to all of SU Social’s features, the Security Tab can help. This tab allows you to password-protect specific sections of your account and control what your virtual assistant can access.

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