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How to profile my accounts?


You may have heard this advice from the support team a couple of times already especially for those who are working with newly-created accounts, but some of you may not know what we mean by profiling your accounts. Profiling in this sense means setting up your accounts as humanely as possible. Note that profiling applies both to accounts you wish to grow and accounts you wish to use as slaves/scrapers.

Why do my accounts need to appear humane?

Social platforms become more restrictive as time goes by. One factor why they flag an account is that they detect automated behavior. Now, you may say that you are using non-aggressive settings for your tools and your tools usage is not yet in full swing but the automated behavior does not only cover the tools you run in SU Social. It also includes how your account looks like.

Account information

One of the easiest ways to profile your account is by setting up the basic information: profile photo, full name, and bio (if applicable). These are the first things we see on an account so it’s important to leave a good lasting impression. LinkedIn eventually required the account to have a profile photo before you can complete the first-time set up while Reddit has its own take on this which is the Reddit Avatar.

With the bio, most profiles include the same link (or shortened URLs that redirect to the same landing page). This is also considered a pattern and we suggest users remove the URLs from their bio. Some may also go like “second account for @mainaccountusername”, and that is a very obvious indicator that the accounts are linked to one another. You may look into using random bio generators to help you out instead of manually writing up bio details for multiple accounts.


A proxy is not really necessary unless:

  1. You will run more than 2 accounts per social network; or
  2. You will run SU Social on a VPS (as there are some flagged VPS IP addresses)

If the account is logged in somewhere else for the first time, it’s inevitable that the social platform will send a verification request or a login alert as part of the security measures. There’s a higher suspicion raised, however, if the new login IP/proxy reflects a location that is entirely different than the original IP used in creating that account.

For example, if you bought an account that was created using a US-based IP and you are using a European proxy, the social platform will be alerted that the login is suspicious. There are even cases wherein it still won’t approve the login unless the account was accessed first on a familiar device. This is why we recommend using a proxy that has the same location (preferably the same city) so that it will only look like the account was accessed using different Wi-Fi connections as if you were at home, at work, in a coffee shop, etc.

There are also instances wherein the proxy or IP is flagged by social platforms (and of course, they won’t disclose which are those).  Hence we advise our users to test using a different proxy first.

If you are using private or dedicated proxies, we don’t recommend adding more than 2 accounts in the same proxy, but if you are using 4G proxies, you can use up to 10 accounts per proxy. It’s also important to note for Instagram that the main account and the scrapers should never run on the same IP address or proxy.

Simultaneous device logins

Avoid having the account logged in to multiple devices/browsers, or even on its respective app on your phone while you are accessing the account in SU Social. The social platforms do not like it when the accounts are accessed on multiple devices at the same time as it may also be a warning that the account is getting hacked. You can enable night mode either on the account level or on the global level and only access the account on your other device when night mode is ACTIVE.

Random activities

The account is more likely to be tagged as automated if it keeps on doing the same thing every day (eg. just Follow and Likes, or just posting and Commenting, etc.) in the long run. As a part of the warm-up process, we advise our users to set the account up as if a real human is navigating behind those accounts, no matter how small the activities are per day.

Let’s say you have multiple YouTube accounts configured as slaves to watch your main YouTube channel’s videos, you may also run the Like/Follow/Comment tools on the slaves. This way, YouTube will not be raising suspicion about why a lot of accounts are doing only video views for a specific channel. It will also help involve 1 -2 unique sources aside from the main channel that you are growing so as to avoid being flagged for staging/manipulating your main YT account’s metrics.

There are that generate random actions such as the Facebook Account Actions tool and Instagram Random Actions tool. We have the Full Browser Experience tool which you can configure to visit random websites so as to build a more realistic browser navigation behavior.

It would also help to publish posts at least once a month (or once every 2 – 3 months) to these accounts in order to let the social networks know that these accounts are active.

Avoiding similarities

The easiest identifiers for automation usage are patterns. That said, your accounts should not have the below items in common:

  • The same profile photo (use entirely different images, not just cropping/rotating/resizing/flipping the image)
  • The same bio description (use random bio generators)
  • The same link, or redirecting to the same landing page (remove the link from the profile)
  • If you are using private or dedicated proxies, we don’t recommend adding more than 2 accounts in the same proxy, but if you are using 4G proxies, you can use up to 10 accounts per proxy.

They also should not be:

Non-aggressive settings

The default values on the tools can be used as non-aggressive starting values. You may warm the accounts up using those default settings for 1 to 2 weeks and if all goes well, you may gradually increase the actions you make.

For Instagram, please contact our support team for the recommended starting limit for the tools. Instagram also has API Limits and Delay options that you may utilize to reduce the number of API calls made by both mains and scraper accounts.


Profiling your social media account is essential to maintain a natural and human-like online presence. By adhering to these guidelines and using non-aggressive settings, you can ensure your accounts remain compliant with social platform policies and reduce the risk of being flagged for automated behavior.

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