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How To Add and Publish Sell Posts To Facebook Marketplace & Sell Groups


Navigating the world of social media selling becomes a breeze with SuSocial’s Campaign Tool. This guide aims to swiftly walk you through the simple steps of creating and automating sell posts on Facebook, enabling you to reach your target audience more efficiently. Harness the full potential of automated social media marketing with ease using our Campaign tool. Let’s dive in!

How To Add Sell Posts

To put up a sell post to be published in the Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your campaign > “What To Publish” tab > “ADD POSTS” tab.
  2. Start by entering a description in the section labeled as number 1 in the screenshot below.
  3. Next, to include pictures in your sell post, click on “PHOTOS” (indicated as number 2 in the screenshot below).
  4. Afterward, please write a title for your sell post in the area marked as number 3 in the screenshot below.
  5. To finish, select the “Use Facebook Sell Post” option and complete the necessary fields.
Once you’ve entered all the necessary information for your sell post, press the “ADD TO POSTS LIST” button to move the post to the “Posts List” tab.

How To Add Sell Posts In Bulk

To add sell posts in bulk, you need to use a CSV file to input all the necessary details and import the posts to your campaign.

To get the CSV template, you have two options:

  1. Download it directly from here.
  2. Manually add one sell post to your campaign, then navigate to the “Posts List” tab > “SHOW ADVANCED VIEW” > “MORE ACTIONS“, and select “EXPORT POSTS AS CSV“. This action will create a file that can be used as a template to import your sell posts.
After you get the template file, you can begin adding your posts. Here’s a simple guide to understanding each column you will see in the template:
  1. Text: Add your post’s caption or description in this column.
  2. Pinterest Source URL: If you want to direct Pinterest users to a specific URL, include it here.
  3. LinkedIn Group Title: provide the post’s title in this column.
  4. Sell Post Price: Here you add the price of the item you are trying to sell.
  5. Sell Post Zip: refers to the ZIP code or postal code that you need to enter when posting a sell post on Facebook Marketplace.
  6. Sell Post Location: refers to the specific geographical area where the item or service in the sell post is available or is being offered. This location detail might encompass the city, state, or even a particular neighborhood.
  7. Sell Post Category: here you can specify the category that best describes the item or service you are selling on the Facebook Marketplace.
  8. Sell Post Condition: the current state or quality of the item you are selling on the Facebook Marketplace (New,Like New,Used – Good,Used – Fair,For parts or not working).
  9. Sell Post Tags: The “Sell Post Tags” field is where you can add specific keywords or phrases that are related to the item or service you are selling on the Facebook Marketplace.
  10. Image/Video link 1 (file path or URL(works only for images)): This is where you add the link to your image or video. For images, you can use either a file path or a URL.

The most important columns that you need to fill in are:

– Text
– Title
– Sell Post Price
– Sell Post Location
– Sell Post Category
– Sell Post Condition
– Image(s) Link/Path

After adding your sell posts to the CSV Template, please go to your campaign Overview tab > What To Publish tab and click the IMPORT SELL POSTS FROM CSV button, then import the file containing your sell posts.

After importing the CSV file, you should find all your sell posts in the Posts List tab.

Posting Sell Posts on Marketplace or Sell Groups

First, you need to select your Marketplace and the sell groups by going to the Where To Publish tab > select your Facebook account and click on SELECTED under the GROUPS column, then select your Marketplace or your sell groups from the list.

Finally, you can now start your campaign to start posting your sell posts.

To learn more about the Campaign tool, please visit the guide below:

The Standard Campaigns



In conclusion, utilizing SuSocial’s Campaign Tool simplifies the process of creating and publishing sell posts on Facebook Marketplace or sell groups. From individual postings to bulk uploads using a CSV template, this tool streamlines your social media selling endeavors, making it more efficient and effective. Start your campaign today and witness a seamless selling experience. Visit our knowledge base to explore more. Happy selling!
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