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Campaigns – The What To Publish tab


One of a campaign’s most crucial tabs is this one. Of course, if the What to Publish tab didn’t exist, where would you add the posts that needed to be published? All three kinds of Campaigns have access to this tab. The posts can either be manually added or automatically pulled from specific sources.

There are only three options for adding a post to a Scheduled Campaign:

While there are numerous ways to add a post to both Standard and Volume Campaigns, including:

Add Posts sub-tab

When you want to manually write your post, you use the first method of adding a post. In addition, this is the sub-tab where you can import a file to add posts in bulk.

1. Through the provided message text box, add the message to your post.

2. The next option is to choose whether to include an image or a video in your post (*for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit only).

3. When posting to LinkedIn groups, Facebook Sell Posts, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube videos, you must include a title in your post.

Additionally, if you’re using spin syntax, you can use the spin editor or check your spin syntax, as well as add tokens and emojis.

4. Once your post is complete, you can send it to the Posts List tab.

5. Additionally, you can send it to the Drafts tab for later editing.

6. There is an option to add posts in bulk if you have a list of posts ready in advance or if you want to add a lot of posts at once. Add Multiple Text Posts, Add Multiple Image Posts, Import Text Posts From File, Import Posts From CSV, And Import Sell Posts From CSV are the five options for adding posts in bulk.

  • ADD MULTIPLE TEXT POSTS:  As previously mentioned, clicking causes a pop-up window to appear where you can enter text for your multiple posts in the text fields and upload images or videos. Once you have finished setting up all of your posts, click OK, and the posts will be added to your Posts List tab.
  • ADD MULTIPLE IMAGE POSTS:  Upon clicking, a pop-up window will appear where you can either upload the images from your computer or add them from URLs. After typing the URL, click Add Images from the URL and wait until the images are scraped and displayed in the ‘Attachments:’ field. Then, click Add Photos, and a pop-up window with those images will appear where you can add text to your posts. Once you have finished setting up all of your posts, click OK and the posts will be added to the Posts List tab.
  • IMPORT TEXT POSTS FROM FILE:  You can import posts using this option by using a series of five #s (#####) as a post separator. Posts with the exact same text that is already in the Post Queue won’t be added. The text file must resemble the illustration below.

  • IMPORT POSTS FROM CSV:  You can use this option to import posts from a CSV file; to see an example, select the Posts List tab > Show Advanced View> More Actions > click on Export Posts as CSV.
  • IMPORT SELL POSTS FROM CSV: You can use this option to import multiple sell posts from a CSV file; to see an example, select the Posts List tab > Show Advanced View > More Actions > click on Export Sell Posts as CSV.

Set up the Where To Publish and When To Publish tabs once the posts are in the Posts List tab, launch your campaign, and SU Social will begin posting your posts at the designated times.

AI Content sub-tab

You can learn more about this tab on the AI Content Generator Knowledge Base article.

Scrape Posts sub-tab

You can use this option to scrape posts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Simply enter the post URLs for the social media platforms you want to scrape, and SU Social will take care of the extraction.

Select which source would you like to add then a pop-up window will appear where you can add the URL/s that you would like to use. The table below will contain a list of the URLs you entered. Five sample posts are automatically extracted and sent to the Drafts tab whenever you add a source URL. If you’d rather, you can choose to send the extracted posts straight to the Posts List tab.

📌 Keep in mind that the campaign must be set to ACTIVE for the extraction to function.

📌 Make sure to click START under the Actions column and that your campaign starts extracting posts from your indicated source.

RSS Posts sub-tab

This tab allows you to use an RSS feed to extract posts from your website. You can let your campaign extract posts as you add them to your website using this method of adding a post, which will save you a ton of time.

  1. Enter your Feed URL
  2. Create a Feed template. This is equivalent to the post caption/description box
  3. Select ADD FEED from the menu. Your feed will appear in the table that is provided below.

📌 To ensure that your campaign begins pulling posts from your RSS feed, click START in the Actions column and ensure that the campaign is on an ACTIVE  status. If you want this tab to extract RSS posts even if the campaign is not active, go to the Overview tab > Advanced Settings > General tab and put a check on Extract RSS feed even when the campaign is stopped

📌 You may double-check your RSS feed’s validity via https://validator.w3.org/feed/

Monitor Folders sub-tab

This option allows you to automatically extract images from a particular folder.

  1. First, select the folder containing your images by clicking BROWSE
  2. Next, enter the data you want SU Social to use as a text for your posts in the Post Template field. You may use tokens indicated such as [FILENAME] wherein the image filename will be used as the post description.

  3. Finally, select ADD FOLDER to add your folder as displayed below.

📌 As soon as you click START under the Actions column, SU Social will begin pulling posts from your folder and ensure that the campaign is launched. If you want to also extract videos from the folder, put a check on Create posts from videos inside the folder.

📌 There’s also an option to Also extract from sub-folders if your folder has sub-folders in it.

Clickable Image Post sub-tab

If you want to post a clickable image to your profiles (on supported destinations), you may use this option.

  1. Enter your post description using the text box provided.
  2. Fill in a title for your clickable image post.
  3. You may upload photos to Imgur, Flickr, and other photo-hosting websites, then copy the image URL and paste it where it is needed; this will serve as the post’s clickable picture. You may also utilize spintax and add several picture URLs.
  4. Following that, specify your Promoted URL, the website to which your clickable image will lead.
  5. Although adding a URL Description is optional, we strongly advise doing so to include key information.
  6. Once done, you can send it to the Posts List tab
  7. You may also have it sent to Drafts in the meantime.

💡 Things to remember:

    • You must add an intermediary server in the specified location via Settings > Connectivity > Global clickable image post servers in order to publish a clickable image post.
    • Please refer to the following topic: How To Set Up Clickable Image Post Servers for more information on how to set up your own intermediary servers.

Share Post sub-tab

If you want to share posts from your Facebook/LinkedIn pages with other pages, groups, or walls, you can do so by using this option. This is a successful way to advertise your page and expand your audience.

Share Post can be used in a number of different ways to add posts:

  1. The first way you can add a post via Share Post is by adding the permalink/URL of your Page posts
  2. Click on ADD POSTS once the Page post URL is added
  3. The second method of including a post on your page is to import from a file.
  4. The third way involves adding the URL of your Facebook or LinkedIn page.
  5. Set the number of posts you want to be extracted per operation and the precise number of minutes after that.
  6. Click on ADD PAGE once you’re done setting it up.

When you add a page post URL, it is automatically added to the Posts List tab. When you add a page URL, it will be added to the table below:

📌 In order for SU Social to extract posts and add them to the Posts List tab, make sure to click START under the Actions column and that the campaign is ACTIVE.

Flickr Posts sub-tab

You can add posts using this technique that pulls content from Flickr.

📌 If you want to extract images from Flickr make sure that you set a Flickr API KEY in Settings > Connectivity

  1. Add the keyword you want to extract images with. 
  2. Enter the format of the feed template using the tokens [TITLE] or [DESCRIPTION].
  3. Specify the number of posts to be extracted and if you want to get the text and description plus the source URL. There’s also an option if you only want to get posts that have no known copyright restrictions.
  4. Click EXTRACT FLICKR POSTS and once done, a window will pop up showing the Flickr posts that SU Social has extracted.


You can quickly add posts to your SU Social campaign by using the What to Publish tab, which will save you time and help you stay more organized when posting. After adding posts, just launch the campaign by configuring the Where To Publish and When To Publish tabs, and  SU Social will publish the posts at the times and dates you specify.

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