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Campaigns – The Posts List tab


SU Social is a social media management tool that offers a feature-packed Posts List tab. This tab enables users to view and manage all their scheduled posts in one place. In addition, users can configure different settings to control how their posts are selected and published.

Utilizing the Posts List tab

The Posts List tab receives all of the posts you’ve added to your posts list. And depending on how you set up the campaign, SU Social will either select the first post or a random post from the list when it’s time for your campaign to publish.

The post at the top of the list is always published first because it’s “first in, first out.” Therefore, select the option Choose a random post from the Post List (instead of the top one) in the Advanced Settings section of the Posts List tab if you want a random post to be chosen.

  1. SHUFFLE POSTSThis option can be used to change the order of the posts in a random manner; if you don’t like the outcome, you can click it again to get a different result.
  2. DELETE ALLAll of the posts in the Posts List tab will be deleted.
  3. DELETE DUPLICATED IMAGESTo prevent duplicate posts, this option will remove other posts that contain the same image.
  4. DELETE TEXT POSTSPosts not having an image or video will all be removed.
  5. SEND INVALID ASPECT RATIO POSTS TO DRAFTSIf the image’s aspect ratio is incorrect and you don’t want white borders to be added, you can choose this option to have the post forwarded to the Drafts tab.
    Aspect Ratio = image width ÷ image height

    Images posted to the wall need an aspect ratio between 0.8 and 1.91
    Images posted in the story need an aspect ratio between 0.56 and 0.57

  6. Re-Add published posts to the end of the Post List – If this option is selected, each time a post is published, it will be moved to the bottom of the list of posts. If you want to make a loop out of your posts, check this box.
  7. SHOW ADVANCED VIEWBy clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear with advanced post management options; for more information, see the section below.
  8. ADVANCED SETTINGSMore options that can modify the posts list automatically can be found here.

    • Automatically delete posts that are older than X days old – When this option is selected, items that have been in the post list for more than the specified number of days will be automatically deleted.
    • Automatically delete text posts – By selecting this, posts without a video or image will be automatically deleted.
    • Choose a random post from the Post List (instead of the top one) – By selecting this option, the campaign will select a post at random as opposed to publishing the first item on the list.
    • Insert posts at random locations in the Post List (instead of at the end) – By turning this on, random new post list items will be added.
    • Insert posts at the top of the Post List (instead of at the end) – When enabled, new post list items will be positioned at the top.
  9. MANAGE COLUMNSYou can adjust the column widths in the table below using this.

    NOTE: The column headers can be moved around to alter how they appear.
  10. Auto delete duplicated imagesWith this option, all duplicate images that have already been posted are deleted, and new posts that include duplicate images are automatically rejected.
  11. EDITWhen clicked, a window allowing you to edit your post will appear. To save your modifications, be sure to click OK.
  12. DELETEIf you want to remove a specific post from your Posts List, use this button.
  13. PUBLISH NOWIf you want to publish the post immediately without taking into account the publishing timers from the When To Publish tab, you can choose this option.
  14. DRAFTif you want to send a copy of a specific post to the Drafts tab, use this.

📌 An additional option is available to SPLIT POST. You can use this option to split the image of an item into 9 different image posts that will fill the entire Instagram Profile grid when posted in order.


  1. FILTERTo find your posts more quickly, use this option to filter the posts based on keywords.
  2. SELECT ALL & SELECT NONEresets your post selection or selects all posts.
  3. EXPORT POSTS & IMPORT POSTSYour posts will be copied to your clipboard when you click, and you can then go to another campaign and click Import Posts from that view to add those posts to the campaign’s Posts List.


        • EXPORT ALL IMAGESwill export all pictures to the location you choose on your computer.
        • EXPORT CLICKABLE IMAGES AS CSV FILE– this allows you to export all the clickable image posts (posts added from What To Publish > Clickable Image Post tab) as a CSV file.
        • EXPORT SELL POSTS AS CSV FILEexports as a CSV file all Facebook sell posts.
        • EXPORT ALL VIDEOSwill export each video to the location you specify on your computer.
        • EXPORT POSTS AS CSV FILEUsing this, you can export the entire posts list as a CSV file.
        • EXPORT SHARE POSTS AS CSV FILEexports as a CSV file all share posts (posts added from What To Publish > Clickable Image Post tab


        • SEND ALL TO DRAFTall posts listed in the Posts List will be moved to the Drafts tab.
        • SPLIT POSTS BETWEEN CAMPAIGNSThis will enable you to divide the posts among particular campaigns.
        • SEND POSTS TO CAMPAIGNS – this allows you to send posts to specific campaigns.


        • DELETE POSTS WITH INVALID IMAGESPosts with images that are no longer present in the source file will be deleted as a result.
        • EDIT POSTS IN BULKWhen clicked, a window containing every post you have in the Posts List tab will appear, allowing you to quickly edit multiple posts at once (more on this below*).
        • DISABLE FACEBOOK SELL POST – All post list items which have the Use Facebook Sell Post checked will then have that option unchecked after using this option.
        • FIND & REPLACEYou can use this feature to search for and replace words in the text of posts.
  5. SEND TO CAMPAIGNS – this allows you to send the post list item to a different campaign


The first set of options resembles the Add Posts section of the What to Publish tab, and the additional options are as follows:

  • COPY TEXT TO OTHERSThe text you have for that post will be copied to all the other posts when clicked.
  • COPY TITLE TO OTHERSBy choosing this option, the title you have for that post will be copied to all the others.
  • COPY SOURCE URL TO OTHERSallows you to copy the post’s source URL to all of the other posts.
  • COPY INSTAGRAM OPTIONS TO OTHERS – this lets you copy the INSTAGRAM ADVANCED OPTIONS of the current post to all other items on the list.
  • COPY OPTIONS TO OTHERSThe ADVANCED OPTIONS you have for that post will be copied to all the other posts in the list.

There are also buttons to EXPORT ALL IMAGES or EXPORT ALL VIDEOS. You may select which folder should the exports be saved to.


The Posts List tab is an essential feature of SU Social Campaigns that helps users keep track of their posts and manage them efficiently. By using the various options and settings provided, users can schedule posts that meet their specific needs and requirements, whether they want to post randomly, delete duplicated posts, or export posts as a CSV file.

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