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Campaigns – The History tab


Keeping track of the progress of your social media campaigns is essential to ensure their success. With the campaign History tab, you can easily monitor the status of your posts and use various useful options for added flexibility.

Navigating the History tab

The following is what you’ll see from the History tab.

1. CLEAR HISTORY – Choosing this option will remove every post from your History tab.

2. FilterTo find your posts more quickly, you can use this option to filter the posts based on words.

3. SHOW ADVANCED VIEWWhen clicked, a popup with additional options will appear. (*further information below)

4. Automatic options – These options are only applicable to Facebook postings. Note that the posts will only be sent to the account/s where the posts were published. and not to all Facebook accounts you added to SU Social.

  • Automatically send new History posts to Bump
  • Automatically send new Facebook page posts to Invite from Page Post Likes 
  • Automatically send new posts to Comment&Like 

5. Delete posts that are older than X days oldallows you to remove posts that are more than X days old.


  • DETAILSAfter clicking, a smaller window will open, allowing you to see the post’s status for each destination. You may check whether each post was successfully posted, whether it is still being processed, or whether an error occurred.

  • RE-ADDallows you to add the post to the Posts List tab’s end again.
  • BUMP –  This option will send the specific post to the Bump tool, as opposed to the prior option, which will bump all successful posts.
  • CREATE REPORT – click here to download a CSV file containing the status of the particular post, click here
  • DELETE POSTSBy selecting this option, SU Social will go through every post that has been made and delete it there. This works for Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • DELETE – In contrast, to Delete Posts, this only removes the post from the History tab.

Show Advanced View

  • Filter – Utilize this to quickly find the post you’re looking for using the words found in the post’s message.
  • EXPORT POSTS – Your posts will be copied to your clipboard when you click, allowing you to import them into another campaign.
  • EXPORT POSTS AS CSV FILE – To export every post in your posts list as a CSV file, click this.
  • EXPORT SHARE POST AS CSV FILE – This option will create a CSV file containing all of the share posts.
  • EXPORT CLICKABLE IMAGE POSTS AS CSV FILE – You can export every post with clickable images as a CSV file.
  • SEND POSTS TO CAMPAIGNS –allows you to send posts to specific campaigns
  • SEND ALL TO DRAFT – all items will be sent to the Drafts tab.
  • CHECK MARKETPLACE RENEW – this will enable the campaign to review the most recent 30 Facebook Marketplace posts and, if necessary, renew them.

Additional options

  • CREATE GLOBAL REPORT – By doing this, a file that contains the status of every post in the History tab will be exported.
  • EXPORT POSTS AS CSV FILE – You will receive an exported file with all of the posts in the History tab when you click.
  • RE ADD ALL POSTS – Re-add all published posts to the Posts List tab using this option.
  • RE ADD ALL ERROR POSTS – Re-add all posts with errors to the Posts List tab using this option.
  • SHOW ONLY POSTS WITH ERRORS – this will filter and show only the post which got errors; once clicked, this option will become SHOW ALL
  • SHOW ONLY SUCCESSFUL POSTS – this will filter and show only the successful posts; once clicked, this option will become SHOW ALL


The campaign History tab allows you to efficiently manage your social media campaigns by providing options such as filtering, exporting, and deleting posts. It also shows the specific destination of each post for various social media platforms, making it easy to track the progress of your campaigns.

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