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Campaigns – The Drafts tab


The Drafts tab in SU Social is a useful section that allows you to save posts for future editing and review. This feature is particularly helpful if you have content that is not yet finalized or if you are waiting for additional materials such as images or videos.

Going through the Drafts tab

You can send the posts you want to save for later review and editing to the Drafts tab. It might be a draft of a post that is awaiting images, videos, and other materials.

If you don’t want the campaign to publish your posts right away, you can send them to the Drafts tab, which is essentially a list of temporary posts.

As you can see, the Drafts tab offers a number of choices and buttons for you to use.

1. EDIT POSTS IN BULK – when clicked a window will pop up with all the posts you have in the “Drafts” tab so you can easily edit them in bulk, the pop up will look like this:

  • COPY TEXT TO OTHERS – The text you have for that post will be copied to all the other posts when clicked.
  • COPY TITLE TO OTHERS – By choosing this option, the title you have for that post will be copied to all the others.
  • COPY SOURCE URL TO OTHERS – allows you to copy the post’s source URL to all of the other posts.
  • COPY INSTAGRAM OPTIONS TO OTHERS – this lets you copy the INSTAGRAM ADVANCED OPTIONS of the current post to all other items on the list.
  • COPY OPTIONS TO OTHERS – The ADVANCED OPTIONS you have for that post will be copied to all the other posts in the list.

2. MANAGE COLUMNSYou can adjust the column widths in the table below using this.

NOTE: The column headers can be moved around to alter how they appear.

3. SHUFFLE POSTS – This option can be used to change the order of the posts in random manner; if you don’t like the outcome, you can click it again to get different result.

4. SEND ALL FILTERED TO POST LIST – By selecting this, you can send all of the posts that meet the criteria you entered in the Filter textbox from Drafts to Posts List.

5. Remove drafts when adding to Post ListIf you want SU Social to remove any post that was sent to the Posts List from the Drafts tab, choose this option. To keep your list current and prevent sending the same post twice to the Posts List tab, we advise you to check this box.

6. Action buttons:

  • SEND TO POST LISTSU Social will send the post to the Posts List tab when it is clicked.
  • SEND TO TOP OF POST LISTSNewer posts are by default sent to the bottom of the list. The post will move to the top of the list if you click this.
  • SEND TO CAMPAIGNSUse this option to send the post to other campaigns’ Posts List tabs.
  • DUPLICATE POSTOnce clicked, SU Social will duplicate that post, giving you two copies of it in the list of your posts.
  • EDITWhen clicked, a window allowing you to edit your post will appear. To save your modifications, be sure to click OK.
  • DELETEBy doing this, the draft item will be removed.

7.  MORE ACTIONSA pop-up window with more choices will appear after selecting this option.

  • DELETE ALLSU Social will delete all of the posts under the Drafts tab when this is clicked.
  • DELETE FILTEREDWhen you select this option, all of the posts that match the filter you entered in the Filter textbox will be deleted.
  • SEND POSTS TO CAMPAIGNSUse this option to send the post to other campaigns’ Posts List tab, just like the earlier option.
  • DELETE DUPLICATED IMAGESTo prevent duplicate posts, this option will remove other posts that contain the same image.
  • SEND ALL FILTERED TO TOP OF POST LISTBy selecting this option, all draft posts that meet the criteria you entered in the Filter textbox will be sent from the Drafts tab to the Posts List tab, where they will appear at the top of the list.


Overall, the Drafts tab offers several useful options and buttons to help you manage your posts efficiently. From editing posts in bulk to shuffling them randomly, there are many ways to customize your workflow and make the most of this feature.

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