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Campaigns – The Overview tab


The Campaign Overview tab is a valuable tool for managing social media campaigns. The purpose of this tab is it allows users to set up the main settings for a campaign, including adding a name, description, and tags.

Using the Campaign Overview tab

When you add a campaign, the first tab you’ll see is the Campaign Overview tab. All three types of campaigns—Standard, Volume, and Scheduled—can use it.

1. Give your campaign a name first. It is ideal to select a name that is suggestive of your niche so you can quickly understand what the focus of that campaign is.

2. Your campaign may have a tag. When sorting through the list of campaigns, especially if you have many campaigns, this will be useful. Based on the tags you gave each of your campaigns, you’ll be able to organize them into groups.

3. These are all-inclusive choices that will be used for all of the posts in this campaign.

4. Click the ADVANCED SETTINGS button to view the global campaign settings, including specific options for each supported social network.

5. If you want to copy certain settings to other campaigns of the same type, click the COPY SETTINGS button.

6. Finally, start your campaign by toggling the switch ON. To stop the campaign, just click the switch again to bring it to a stopped status.

Troubleshooting Campaigns

You can quickly scan the Campaign Overview tab to see if your campaign is not posting. For instance, the notifications shown in the screenshot above include:

Therefore, before the campaign becomes ACTIVE, you must choose a destination list from the Where To Publish tab and add the posts you want to publish on the What To Publish tab.

After configuration, the notifications will look like this:

  • ACTIVE campaign status
  • It would provide information on how many accounts, pages, groups, and walls the campaign will publish to.
  • It will display the campaign’s total number of published and pending posts.


The Campaign Overview tab in social media management provides users with an organized and streamlined approach to setting up campaigns. Checking the notifications on this tab is crucial to ensure a campaign is active and posting to the intended social networks.

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