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The Scheduled Campaigns


SU Social offers various campaign types, including the Scheduled Campaign. This type is perfect for publishing posts meant for special occasions or future dates. With this campaign, you can set different timers for each post and decide how often they will be repeated.

Using a Scheduled Campaign

The publication of upcoming posts, such as those intended for special occasions, is ideal for Scheduled Campaigns. You can choose whether each post will repeat daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and you can set different timers for each one.

A Scheduled Campaign does not have a When to Publish tab like a Standard or Volume Campaign because you must set a timer for each post.

Making your Scheduled Campaign post – Quick Guide

1. Navigate to the What to Publish tab and you’ll see three sub-tabs: ADD POSTS, CLICKABLE IMAGE POSTS, and SHARE POSTS.

2. Select the method you want for creating your post. For this guide, we will manually create our post via the ADD POSTS tab.

3. Add your post text in the provided message box.

4. You may also add an image or video by clicking the camera or video icon below the message box.

5. Set the time that you want the post to be published by clicking the ADD TIMER action link.

6. After including your message and any accompanying images or videos, select ADD TO POST LIST to move the post to the Posts List tab, where it will wait to be published. If the post hasn’t been finished yet, you can also select ADD TO DRAFTS, which will move it to the Drafts tab where you can quickly edit it before adding it to the Posts List for publishing.

7. There’s also an option to Import Posts From CSV.

8. Choose the campaign’s destination/s by clicking the Where To Publish tab.

9. Return to the Overview tab and have the campaign switched to an ACTIVE state.

Let’s add a post timer

  1. In order to schedule the post, click ADD TIMER.

    After clicking, a small window will appear, allowing you to select one of the following options:
  2. Choose the days on which you want the same post to get published again.
  3. This will enable you to publish the same post repeatedly every X days.
  4. When you want the campaign to publish the same post on the same day of the week every X weeks, use this option.
  5. The post will always be published on the same day of the month if you set it to repeat every X months.
  6. If you prefer that the item be published right away, there is also an action button labeled Publish Now; the time and date that appears are those in effect at the time the post was added.

Additional details regarding post timers

  • The Start date can be found in the Edit Posting Timer window. You can then decide when you want that scheduled post to start appearing online.

  • Each post can have multiple timers added to it so that, for example, it can be set to repeat every X weeks and every X months.
  • On the Posts List tab, you will see the items listed with their appropriate timers. Here, you can edit them, add/edit/remove timers, publish now, or send them to drafts.

  • There is also a Calendar View on the Posts List tab wherein you can click on the calendar items and also edit the post and its timers.


The Scheduled Campaign in SU Social is a useful tool for scheduling posts ahead of time. It allows you to create posts, set timers, and repeat the publishing of the same post every X days, weeks, or months. It is a simple and effective way to save time and effort in managing your social media accounts.

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