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The Volume Campaigns


You are already aware that SU Social offers three different types of campaigns, and if you want to post to a large number of walls, groups, and pages/boards then you should use a Volume Campaign.

Volume Campaign usage

The primary distinction between a Standard Campaign and a Volume Campaign lies in the presence of Publishing Delays in the latter, which renders it suitable for publishing content across a wider array of destinations such as walls, groups, and pages/boards on a daily basis, without the need to set up specific timers for individual posts.

To initiate a Volume Campaign, navigate to Publisher > Campaignsclick ADD PUBLISHING CAMPAIGNand then select ADD VOLUME CAMPAIGN. This option will only be available if you put a check on Show advanced campaign options.

Similar to the Standard Campaign, the Volume Campaign also consists of 7 tabs:

Quick Guide: Creating a post in a Volume Campaign

1. To begin creating a post in a Volume Campaign, navigate to the What to Publish tab, which contains several sub-tabs: ADD POSTS, AI CONTENT, SCRAPE POSTS, RSS POSTS, MONITOR FOLDERS, CLICKABLE IMAGE POST, SHARE POST, and FLICKR POSTS.

2. Choose the desired method for creating your post from the available options. In this guide, we will opt to manually create our post using the ADD POSTS tab.

3. Enter your post message into the provided message box

4. Add an image or video by clicking on the camera or video icon located below the message box.

5. Once you have added your post message and attached an image or video, click the ADD TO POST LIST button to transfer the post to the Posts List tab, where it will be queued for publishing. If the post is not final yet, you can also choose ADD TO DRAFTS then it will go to the Drafts tab where you can easily edit your posts before adding them to the Posts List for final posting.

6. Additional options for adding posts in bulk include Add Multiple Text Posts, Add Multiple Image Posts, Import Text Posts From File, Import Posts From CSV, and Import Sell Posts From CSV.

7. Go to the Where to Publish tab to choose a location for your post, and then select the When to Publish tab to set the post’s publishing time. Once everything is configured, you can launch the campaign from the Overview tab.

Volume Campaign – When to Publish tab

This tab controls how frequently the campaign will publish new posts. It differs from the Standard Campaign in a way that the When to Publish tab for Volume Campaigns does not have timers.

1. Maximum number of Posts List items per dayThe campaign will publish 5 posts from the Posts List tab based on the example image above.

2. Publish a Post List item on all selected destinationsEach post will be sent to all chosen destinations if the box is checked in SU Social. For instance, each of the five posts scheduled for that day will be published to the 100 groups you have chosen in your destination list, publishing a total of 500 posts per day for the campaign.

If you don’t want to post to all of the destinations you’ve chosen, you can uncheck that box. It will then appear as in the image below, and you can choose how many random destinations will get the post.

3. Add random sleep time while publishingWith this option, the campaign will go inactive for x to y minutes following the sending of x to y posts.

4. Campaign Start/End dateFrom this point, you can specify the campaign’s start and end dates for publication. Even if all seven days are enabled, it won’t publish before or after the specified dates.

5. Publishing DelayThe campaign will wait this long (in seconds) before publishing the same post to a new destination.

💡For each posting, we advise a delay of 300 seconds or five minutes.

6. Days of the week when to operateCheck the days that, according to your campaign settings, SU Social should publish posts. Unchecking a day prevents the campaign from publishing a post on that day.

7. Set the in-between hours when the posts will be published by the campaign. SU Social will pick a random start time from this value, then publish the X amount of posts you specified with the Y delay you indicated.

The days can be switched around at any time, and SU Social will choose an equal number of those days at random. If you don’t want to publish a post on the weekends, you can choose to exclude weekends from the variation.


The Volume Campaign feature in SU Social can help users publish on a large number of destinations each day without setting up specific timers for posts. This saves users a lot of time and effort in managing their social media accounts and allows them to focus on other tasks. The Publishing Delays option in the Volume Campaign makes it ideal for users who want to maintain a consistent social media presence without overwhelming their audience with too many posts at once. Overall, the Volume Campaign feature can help SU Social users streamline their social media marketing efforts and increase their online visibility.

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