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The Full Browser Experience

Although the Full Browser Experience was first created for Facebook, we thought that integrating it with other social networks would give the accounts a more genuine appearance—that is to mimic human activity to make the browsing activities look like it was performed by normal users. The article “Preserving Security in Belgium” by former Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos served as the inspiration for this concept. In the piece, he talked about how Facebook uses a lot of data to determine which users are real and which are not, including the amount of websites viewed in the previous ten days.

According to Stamos, if a browser has visited hundreds of sites within the last five minutes, it’s likely a computer-controlled device (a bot). However, consistent use over several days indicates that the browser is legitimate. Facebook uses this aggregated information for security purposes, but deletes logs generated by the datr cookie after 10 days. The datr cookie can be deleted by users at any time, but this would reduce Facebook’s ability to determine the legitimacy of the visit, which may result in the need for additional information to prevent spam. These controls have been evaluated and approved by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

That said, it’s recommended to set the tool to visit between 10 to 20 websites every day.

What does Full Browser Experience do?

The tool essentially visits websites from a specified list that you supply and determines whether those websites have what’s known as a Facebook Pixel OR one of Facebook Social Plugins:

  • When you visit their website using a Facebook pixel installed on it, your account is added to the list of visitors in their Facebook Ads custom audience, which they can use to retarget your account through Facebook Ads.


  • When you visit one of these websites using one of your Facebook Social Plugins, the visit is recorded and added to your dart cookie.

Some SUSOCIAL users have reported that implementing The Full Browser Experience has helped reduce the ban rate for their Facebook accounts as it makes the accounts appear more authentic. Previously, they would manually accomplish this task by opening an embedded browser and visiting various websites.

But now, everything can be done automatically through the “Full Browser Experience” tool, and the best part is you get to manage your time more efficiently.

Accessing the Full Browser Experience tool

Go to the TOOLS view, click on your account there, and then go directly to the Full Browser Experience tab.

To set up your Full Browse Experience tool, we will go over the two tabs in this guide:


You can configure the tool’s behavior in this tab. Since the tool is pretty straightforward, there’s no need for a separate Sources tab.

Run Timers

The Run Timers section is where you can control how fast you want the tool to operate, during which hours it should work, and which days it should skip.

  1. This is the interval that the tool will wait before a new operation (new website visit) begins
  2. How many sites will be visited per operation
  3. The hours when the like tool will execute actions
  4. Days of the week when the tool will operate


Here is where you can limit the maximum number of websites the tool should visit per hour or day and how many seconds SUSOCIAL should scroll down inside the visited page.

  1. You can do this to set a daily cap for the Follow tool, and when it is reached, it will automatically stop following until the following day. You can also set the daily cap to rise steadily until it reaches your daily target; this feature may be helpful for users who want to warm up their accounts but remember to use this gradually.
  2. With this option, you can set an hourly cap; it functions similarly to a daily cap.
  3. Specify how long should SU Social scroll on each page visited. We don’t recommend scrolling too much on each page as too much scrolling is associated with automated behavior.
  4. This option is useful if you want to visit internal links on the website (if available).
    e.g if you have https://www.booking.com/ set in the websites to visit, after that site is visited, x – y random links from the said website will be picked and clicked after. It might pick https://www.booking.com/hotel/ or https://www.booking.com/region/us/hawaii.html and navigate to it and scroll there.
  5. If you want to use the website list chronologically (as how you entered the list), please use this option.
  6. This will auto-delete websites from the list after X visits are made.

Websites to Visit

As you can see, the tool already comes in with more than 30 websites and all of them have a Facebook tracking pixel and one of Facebook Social Plugins to make it easier for everyone.


The Tokens can be used to set search queries. As seen in the image below, you can add websites to visit like in this format:




And add the tokens like this:



SU Social will randomly replace that token with your indicated search query(ies). This only works for websites with search functionality in them.


The tool records the list of website visits successfully made. There are additional action buttons to DELETE, BROWSE (via external browser), BROWSE EMBEDDED, and COPY the link.

💡 The Full Browser Experience tool is now available for all social platforms including Instagram.

Can I add my own websites?

You can add your own websites there and to make sure that they have the pixel, you can use a Google Chrome add-on called Facebook Pixel Helper 31.

Once you have it installed, restart your Google Chrome visit any website, and click the little 2 arrows and you will be able to see if it has the pixel inside it or not:

As you can see Godaddy has one and we can go ahead and add it to the list of the websites we have there. Like that, you can add more websites and if you don’t have time to find them, don’t worry  more websites will be added soon.

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