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The Tools View Tab


One of SU Social’s key features is the Tools tab which gives users access to a variety of tools available for supported social platforms. You can view the current status and development of the tools that are running here, along with any alerts for errors or warnings.

How does the Tools tab work?

You can view the tools that are active on the accounts at the moment as well as their status or progress on this page.

Both the total number of actions taken and the number of actions taken Today are displayed. The value is shown as Today/Total or X/Y.

In addition, you will see notifications of errors and warnings for the active tool. You can check if an account has been blocked specifically for that tool action, for example.

Additional Actions in the Tools Tab

1. Manage Columns

If you want to alter how the Tools tab view looks, click the Manage Columns button. Simply check the boxes next to the tools you want to see on the Tools tab, or change the column size for a particular tool.

When you want to organize your Tools tab view for convenience of access and are only running a few tools, this is quite useful.

2. Show Errors (for Instagram only)

Despite being a very useful feature, the Tools tab frequently ignores it. This button will create a file listing the notification history for that account when you click it. Understanding the issues or errors you have run into with the tools you are using for a specific account depends heavily on your notification history.

For a specific account, enter its name in the Filter box, then click the Show Errors button to display the notification history for that account.

3. Export Errors Daily (for Instagram only)

If you choose this, the Show Errors file and the output will be exported automatically and placed in the ExportErrors folder.

4. Open Export Folder (for Instagram only)

This will reveal the location of the folder in which the export errors file is stored.

5. Execute Actions on Instagram Accounts

You can perform a number of additional helpful actions on the accounts using this drop-down button.

  • You can export accounts that have Action Blocks
  • You can opt to get a list of accounts that did not reach their Follow Limits
  • You may Clear Error Notifications
  • The Show Notification History works the same way as the Show Errors button.
  • You have the option to show all queued actions for the accounts
  • You can have all Instagram accounts perform a sync operation
  • You can also easily do a logout/log-in in the Embedded Browser and then run the Follow tool for Instagram accounts.

📌 The Follow tool will only run if the tool is ‘started’ otherwise, the account will just log out.

  • You can export the successful API calls made recently
  • You can export the failed API calls made recently

6. Hide Start/Stop buttons and details

This will hide the start/stop buttons for the tools and the details action link.

Start/Stop buttons and details showing:

Start/Stop buttons and details hidden:

7. Filter box

Use this if you want to quickly find or display a specific account or accounts. The account name, platform name, and account status can all be typed, or you can use the keywords (in partial or full words). Simply click the X button at the end of the textbox to reset the filter.

The logical operators AND, OR, and NOT are also options.

  • AND: Symbol used &&;
  • OR: Symbol used ||;
  • NOT: Symbol used !:

8. Group by Tag

Only the accounts containing the specified tag will appear on the Tools tab view when the Group by Tag option is used. When you need to concentrate only on a few particular accounts, it is helpful. Be aware that using this option might cause the application to run more slowly, especially if the PC/VPS where SU Social, is installed doesn’t have a standalone GPU.

9. Filter by Tag

When you turn on the Filter by Tag option in SU Social, you can see your entire list of tags. The tags you added to your social profile accounts will determine the tags that appear here. Additionally, you can tag people based on their status and social media platforms.


The Tools tab in SU Social offers a variety of useful features and actions, including the ability to customize the view, generate error notifications, filter accounts, and execute various actions. The Show Today/Total Info option is particularly useful for tracking the performance of the tools. Overall, the Tools tab is a key aspect of SU Social that provides users with the ability to effectively manage their social media accounts.

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