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Confirming your Instagram account email


Confirming your email on Instagram, especially when linked to your social account, is crucial for verifying ownership, receiving vital communications, facilitating account recovery, and enhancing privacy and security across platforms. It ensures seamless control over your account, safeguards personal information, and enables smoother communication and access to account-related services, ultimately strengthening your social media presence and interactions.

In SU Social, this is indicated by a red (!) icon in the Social Profiles tab.

Is this the same as the Email Confirmation status?

No, this is different from getting an Email Confirmation status. The Email Confirmation status is a verification request sent by Instagram after a restriction is applied while the Confirm Account Email action is implemented to authenticate the email address in use for the IG account.

If you are looking for a solution to the Email Confirmation status, you may refer to the Automatic Email Verification Knowledge Base article.

How can I confirm my account email?

As the tooltip in the first image says, you may go to the account’s Edit Profile tab. There, you will see a !Confirm Account button in red.

Clicking this will return a pop-up message saying that IG sent you a message via the same email address, and you can confirm it there.

I did not receive the email in my inbox.

Aside from the inbox, please also check your email account’s spam/junk folders.

If still to no avail, this may be due to Instagram moving some users’ account information to the Meta Accounts Center.  To access that, please open the embedded browser for the affected account and reduce its size so that the settings icon will appear.

Click See more in Accounts Center

​Click on Personal Details

Click on Contact Info

Click on the email address where it says ‘pending confirmation’, and follow the steps to confirm the account email.


In conclusion, confirming your email on Instagram, particularly when connected to your social account, is fundamental for bolstering ownership verification, enabling crucial communication, streamlining account recovery, and fortifying privacy and security across platforms. This process not only ensures seamless control over your account but also safeguards personal information, fosters a more robust social media presence, and enhances interactions within the online community.

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