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How to Automatically Solve Captcha?


Auto-captcha solvers are crucial when using SU Social to streamline the user experience and enhance efficiency. By automatically solving captchas, you can save time and effort, ensuring seamless interaction with your social profile accounts without disruptions or delays. This enables smoother navigation, faster communication, and increased productivity within SU Social, ultimately contributing to a more user-friendly and efficient social networking experience.

What captcha solvers can I use?

From Settings > Connectivity tab > Captcha Servers, you can either use 2Captcha or DeathByCaptcha services. In this tutorial, we’ll only cover using 2Captcha since that is the only service working for Instagram.

I don’t have a 2Captcha account

Head over to https://2captcha.com/ to sign up for an account.

You may manually register or sign up via Google or Facebook.

Click Next on I’m a customer.

It will immediately ask you to fund the account, as it cannot solve captchas without any available funds.

How to set it up in SU Social?

Navigate to the Dashboard tab of the 2Captcha page. Copy the API Key and that’s the one you will use in SU Social. There’s an option in this page as well if you want to add more funds.

Go to the Settings > Connectivity > Captcha servers option and put a check on 2Captcha. Paste the API key there.

Click first on TEST CAPTCHA ACCOUNT, and you should get a pop-up showing the credits left.

Will this now solve all Captcha statuses in Social Profiles?

If this is set up, SU Social can solve the captcha on your behalf as long as you have the ‘automatically solve captcha’ option enabled under Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > Automatic Actions tab.

However, if you have not configured this before the accounts got a captcha status, then you need to solve it manually first using the Fix Captcha action under Social Profiles > Actions on Selected Profiles or you may solve it manually via the embedded browser.


In conclusion, implementing auto-solving capabilities for captcha in SU Social is vital for enhancing user experience and security. By automating the CAPTCHA-solving process, users can navigate through authentication procedures swiftly, minimizing frustration and streamlining their interactions. Additionally, it helps in combating protecting the integrity of social media platforms and foster a safer online environment for users.

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