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How To Create Instagram Highlights & Add Stories To Your Highlights


In today’s dynamic digital age, Instagram Highlights offers a fantastic way to showcase the best snippets of your brand or personal journey. These curated stories remain visible beyond the usual 24-hour timeframe, creating a lasting impression on viewers. Our guide will effortlessly walk you through creating Instagram Highlights and adding stories to them using SuSocial, ensuring your profile stands out and tells a compelling story. Dive in and elevate your Instagram game!

How To Create Highlights

To create a highlight, please go to the GLOBAL TOOLS > IG Story Viewer tab and select your Instagram account. Then, click on CREATE HIGHLIGHTS FOR SELECTED ACCOUNTS.

After that, enter a name for the highlight and click on the CREATE HIGHLITS button to start creating the highlight.

How To Add Stories To Highlights

To add stories to highlights, please select your Instagram account > select your story, and click on ADD SELECTED STORIES TO HIGHLIGHT.

After that, select the story and click on ADD STORIES TO THIS HIGHLIGHT.

Add Stories to Highlight After Publishing

There’s a new option added to SU Social that can save you the hassle of adding new stories to the highlights manually. From the Posts List tab, click EDIT on an item, click on INSTAGRAM ADVANCED OPTIONS, put a check on Post as part of your story instead of on the wall, and also select Add story to highlight after posting. SU Social will display the existing highlights for the IG destination/s you selected under the Where to Publish tab.

📌  The destination account must not be using USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER (do not use API) otherwise, SU Social cannot load its highlights

Select the highlight to add the story to and publish.

The story will then be automatically added to that highlight after publishing.


In the contemporary digital era, Instagram Highlights serve as an efficient tool to spotlight pivotal moments from your brand or personal life, extending their visibility past the standard 24 hours. This guide illustrates how to craft Instagram Highlights and incorporate stories into them using SuSocial. Users can conveniently create highlights under the GLOBAL TOOLS section and further add stories to these highlights by selecting the desired account and story. Dive into this guide to refine your Instagram presence.

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