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Global Tools – The Instagram Story Viewer Tool


The SU Social platform offers a Global Tools feature that allows users to conveniently access and manage various tools for all their Instagram accounts. One of these tools is the IG Story Viewer, which will be the main focus of this tutorial.

How to use IG Story Viewer tool?

Just click on GLOBAL TOOLS from the left panel menu in the SU Social user interface then click on IG Story Viewer.

IG Story Viewer tab

We can divide the Story Viewer tab into 5 sections:

  1. Actions on stories section
  2. Filters section
  3. The accounts section
  4. The users section
  5. Stories section

1 – Actions on stories 

The following is a breakdown of the available action buttons and their corresponding functions:

  • SELECT ALL: This button allows you to choose all accounts at once.
  • SELECT NONE: Use this button to clear all selected accounts.
  • EXPORT VIEWERS FOR SELECTED ACCOUNTS: Selecting this option will generate a CSV file containing information about the users who viewed your account stories. This includes their account name, viewer userID, viewer username, and whether the viewer’s account is private or not.
  • CREATE HIGHLIGHTS FOR SELECTED ACCOUNTS: This button lets you create highlights for your stories.
  • ADD SELECTED STORIES TO HIGHLIGHT: With this button, you can add stories to your highlights.
  • REFRESH SELECT USER STORIES: This option refreshes the user stories.

2 – Filter Section

As a Global Tool, the IG Story Viewer includes all your accounts. To help streamline your results and display only what you need, you can utilize the following filters:

  • Filter: This box allows you to filter your accounts and display only the accounts you want. You can use operators like || for OR, && for AND, and ! for NOT.
  • Filter users: Use this filter if you want to search for a specific user.
  • Filter by Tag: This option enables you to filter your accounts by tag. This filter is useful when you want to view only the stories of accounts with the same tag.

3 – The accounts section

Here is this section you will find all your valid accounts.  You can click on the accounts from this section and the users that have stories will show on the right side of it or at the users section.

4 – The users section

This is the section where you can find all the users that have active stories for the account you selected.

✅ How to view the stories of a user:

  1. To view the stories of the user, just click on the username
  2. And the active stories of that user will automatically upload at the right side of it

5 – The stories section

In this section, you can view all the active stories of the selected user from the “users” section. To view a story, simply click on it. If you want to save, view, send, or reply to a story, click on the corresponding action button.

If you wish to send the story to a campaign for posting, use the “send” option.


In conclusion, with the SU Social Global Tools feature, managing and accessing various tools for all your Instagram accounts has never been easier. The IG Story Viewer tool is just one of the many tools available to users ( IG Words List, IG Engagement tool) and it provides an efficient and streamlined way to view, save, and manage stories across multiple accounts.


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