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The Global Tools – The Instagram Direct Messages Tool


When you’re managing multiple social media accounts and need to monitor your direct messages, it can be a cumbersome process to navigate to the Direct Messages tab for each account to perform a quick check. This can take up a lot of time and decrease productivity.

Luckily, SU Social offers a solution to simplify this task and streamline the management of direct messages for all your accounts. SU Social’s Global Tools include an Instagram Direct Message tool that centralizes the process, making it similar to managing messages through the Direct Messages tool for individual Instagram accounts in SU Social.

How to access IG Direct Messages?

From the left panel menu on SU Social’s user interface, click on GLOBAL TOOLS, then click on IG Direct Messages and you will see the direct messages threads from all your accounts on the left, and your direct message conversation on the right.

IG Direct Messages action buttons

There are different action buttons on this tool and that includes the Load buttons

• The Load buttons at the top are used to load the direct messages thread at the left portion of the page.

• While the Load buttons at the bottom are used to load more or all the messages from the thread you clicked.

✅ We will only provide an explanation for buttons that may not be familiar to you, as some of the other buttons are self-explanatory.

• Delete and Block –

This option is useful if you want to delete a certain direct message, and then block the user who sent you the message to avoid getting more messages from that user.

Select at least one of the direct message threads you want to delete, then click Delete and Block.

The blocked user will be added to the results of the Block Followers tool with From Direct Messages as a type in the results table.

Delete and Leave – Group In order to delete group messages and exit the conversation, simply click on this button.

Block Inviter – If you want to prevent a user who invited you to join a group conversation from contacting you again, use this option to block them.

Export Messages – To obtain a CSV file containing the 20 most recent messages from a direct messages thread, click this button. You can also select multiple threads and SU Social will export the 20 most recent messages from each thread.

Export Usernames – Click this button to export all usernames that have either sent you direct messages or received direct messages from you. The extraction process runs in the background and once SU Social has finished, a CSV file will automatically open.

Extract Email Addresses – Use this button to extract email addresses from the direct messages threads displayed on the left. You can use filter options to display only the direct messages from which you wish to extract email addresses.

How to filter direct messages?

Due to the global nature of this tool, the volume of messages displayed may be overwhelming, but you can utilize filtering options to facilitate sorting for easier management.

  1. Extract Between Dates – To display only the direct message threads with messages sent between specific dates, select this option.
  2. Show only unread messages – This filter displays only direct message threads with unread messages.
  3. Show only pending requests – Select this option to view only direct messages sent by non-followers, and then accept or decline pending message requests.
  4. Show only favorite messages – To view only messages marked as favorites, choose this option.
  5. When reading messages mark them as seen – By selecting this option, you can mark messages you read in SU Social as seen on your mobile phone as well.
  6. Show only responses – This filter displays messages where there is a previous conversation, and the user expects a response from you.
  7. Show only messages waiting for a reply – To display only messages where the user is waiting for a response from you (or the last reply was not from you), use this filter.

Good-to-know features

  1. By clicking on the star button, you have the ability to designate a direct message thread as a “favorite” as depicted in the image above.
  2. An option exists for leaving notes to jog your memory on why you originally marked the message.
  3. To solely view messages that contain a specific word, utilize the “Search in threads” feature.
  4. Furthermore, you can filter messages by selecting a tag and using the “Filter Accounts” or “Filter by Tag” options to view only messages from certain accounts.
  5. Additionally, a search bar is available for quickly locating messages that include particular words within the conversation.

More actions you can do on each message thread

Once you click on one of the messages, you will be able to do the following actions in the conversation:

  • Clicking on “Name” will allow you to insert the account’s name.
  • To express liking for a message, simply click the heart button.
  • Clicking the reply button will prompt SU Social to automatically add “@username” in the message field.
  • To delete a sent message, click on the “Unsend” button.
  • Clicking on “Browse” will open the conversation on the embedded browser.
  • If necessary, there is an option available to report the message as spam.
  • You can attach an image or video to your message.


In conclusion, managing direct messages for multiple social media accounts can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, with the help of SU Social’s Global Tools, specifically the Instagram Direct Message tool, this process can be streamlined and made more efficient. By using a centralized tool that works similarly to the Direct Messages tool on individual accounts, users can save time and increase productivity when managing direct messages for their accounts.



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