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The Instagram Block Followers Tool


Block Followers tool – a powerful tool designed to boost your engagement rate on Instagram. This tool functions similarly to manually blocking users on Instagram and is now compatible with the USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER option under Social Profiles > Advanced Profile Settings, allowing for easy unblocking via EB.

With this tool, you can effectively block users who are not engaging with your content, including your competition, uninterested followers, and fake accounts. Additionally, you can unblock users that you may have accidentally blocked in the past.

How to access the Block Followers tool?

To start blocking followers, you can go to The TOOLS view and click on your Instagram account or click MORE TOOLS action link and click the Block Followers tab.

The tool has three main sections – Run Timers, Block Limits, and User Filters.  In addition, you will also see the Results table at the bottom of the block followers tab, which can be used for adding users you want to manually block/unblock.

The RUN TIMERS Section

By now, if you have been utilizing other Su Social Instagram tools on your account, you should be familiar with this particular section of the tool. This section is where you can regulate the following settings:

  • The duration of time the tool will pause before initiating a new operation
  • The number of users that will be handled during each operation
  • The interval between each block action
  • The specific days and hours when the tool will perform block actions.


This section of Settings allows you to:

  • Specify the maximum number of users to be blocked per day/hour
  • Opt to increase the number of users blocked each day/hour until reaching the desired maximum
  • Set the number of most recent followers of your account to be blocked
  • Choose whether to consider all user filters before blocking or not. By default, if any filter is true, the user will be blocked.
  • Determine the number of days prior to blocking the user
  • Decide whether to remove the follower instead of blocking them
  • Block users only when the follower count surpasses a certain number
  • Report the user as spam before blocking.


To give you control over the block tool,  The block followers tool is different from the other tools like Repost, Follow, and comment where there is a set of conditions you can set and apply to users that can be processed if the user fails any of the filters you enabled, the tool will ignore the user when blocking followers.

But for the Block FollowersUser Filters, if the user meets any of the filters you check, the block action will get executed on that user.

Here are some of the filters you can check for the Block Followers tool.

  • Users who have a non-English character in their bio, username, and fullname.
    ➡ emojis are considered English characters
  • No profile image
  • Users that have equal or less than X posts
  • Users that have less than or equal to X characters in their bio
  • Users that have any of the specific word/s in their bio
  • Username/fullname that contains any of the word/s you specify
  • Username/fullname that does not contain any of the specified words
  • Those users that have not posted within the last X days
  • Accounts that have a follow ratio (followers/followings) greater than X
  • Accounts have less than X follow ratio
  • Users has a specific range of followers and a specific range of followings
  • Specific users option

    ✅ For blocking specific users, you have the options to:
    ➡ add your own followers and own followings for the specific account
    ➡ and own followers and own followings for all accounts inside Su Social
    📌 An important thing to bear in mind:

    • Check the option to apply Filters when blocking specific users.
  • You may opt to not block likers, commenters, users with x number of followers, private users.
  • You also have a whitelist option where you can add the users that you don’t want to be blocked.

Results section

At the bottom of the tab, you will be able to see the list of users that the tool blocked or removed.

The table will display:

  • The date the user was blocked
  • The reason why the user was blocked under the Type column
  • You will also have Unblock, Block, and Remove Follower action buttons.


In conclusion, the Block Followers tool is a valuable addition to any Instagram marketing strategy, helping you to optimize your follower base and increase engagement on your posts. Whether you’re looking to remove uninterested followers, block spam accounts, or simply improve your engagement rate, this tool can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

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