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The Instagram Delete Comments Tool


Instagram is inundated with spammers, and you may have noticed their bothersome, off-topic comments on your posts. Despite manually removing them, these comments persistently resurface, making it a frustrating and exhausting process to maintain your post’s engagement.

To simplify this tedious task, you can use Su Social to automatically eliminate pointless comments from your posts, sparing you the effort of sifting through each one individually.

How to access the Delete Comments tool?

To access the delete comments tool, all you have to do is to click on your account on the TOOLS view then click on the Delete Comments tool from the list of tools we have available for Instagram accounts.

Like the Delete Posts Tool, the delete comments tool is very easy to set up and use.  It has 4 sections: Run Timers, Delete Limits, Comment Filters, and After Delete Actions.


  1. Status – It shows you the status of the tool and it allows you to start and stop the tool using the switch button.
  2. Allows you to set up a delay in minutes between the current delete comments operation and the next one.
  3. An option to set how many comments to delete on each operation.
  4. This option allows you to set the hours when the delete comments tool will operate. You can add and randomize intervals.
  5. Here you can select days of the week when to operate, on the unchecked days of the week the tool won’t execute any actions.
  6. The “Rotate Days” option allows the tool to cycle through the days you selected.


  • This section allows you to set daily and hourly limits for the delete comments tool
  • You have the option to set a daily/hourly limit, when reached, the tool will stop deleting comments for the rest of (day/hour) respectively.
  • You also have an option that allows you to set it to scrape comments only from the most recent X posts.


  1. Checking this filter will make the tool delete all comments from the most recent posts regardless of what keywords or usernames are selected.
  2. Use this option if you want to delete comments that contain non-English characters
    📌Emojis are not considered non-English chars.
  3. Check this filter if you don’t want to delete you own comments.
  4. delete the comments if they don’t contain specified keywords. (you can add multiple keywords and separate them by a comma).
  5. This option allows you to delete comments if they contain specific keywords.
    📌 For a better search for blacklisted keywords, you can use wildcards
    ➡ *follow (will match all comments that contain words that end with follow, example – unfollow will also be a match)
    ➡ bar* (barber will also be a match since this wildcard will match all comments that contain words that start with bar)
    ➡ *test* (match all comments that contain a word that contains like).
  6. This option allows you to delete comments of users that have the following usernames.


This section has some actions that you might want to take with the delete comments.

Once you’ve deleted a comment, it might be a good idea to block the user who posted it to prevent them from commenting again in the future.

➡ If you accidentally blocked the user while deleting their comment, don’t worry. You can easily unblock them by accessing the Block Followers tool, which maintains a record of all blocked users.

To view all deleted comments, simply refer to the table at the bottom of the page.

This table displays important information such as the date the comment was removed, the filter that triggered its deletion, the username of the commenter, the text of the deleted comment, and a link to the post from which the comment was deleted.

➡ Remember to toggle the Status switch on the tool to activate comment deletion. With these simple steps, you can effectively manage spam comments and maintain a positive user experience on your Instagram account.


In conclusion, managing spam comments can be a tiresome and time-consuming task for Instagram users. However, with tools like Su Social, you can easily automate the process and keep your posts free from irrelevant and harmful content. By following these simple steps to delete comments, you can maintain a positive and engaging environment for your followers, while also protecting your brand’s reputation.

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