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The Instagram Direct Messages Tool


Maintaining communication with your audience is a wise strategy for boosting your account’s growth. However, it is essential to exercise caution to avoid abusing this feature by spamming others, which could negatively impact your account. While the Contact tool allows for automatic messaging, adding occasional unscheduled actions and brief messages can provide a personal touch. SU Social’s Instagram Direct Message tool functions similarly to manually sending and responding to messages on your phone app, but with added features. The tool is user-friendly, and there is no need to set timers.

How to access the Direct Messages Tab?

Just click on your account on the TOOLS view then click on the Direct Messages Tool from the list of the tools we have for Instagram accounts.


Sending A Message

You can send a direct message using the Direct Messages tool in three different ways:

1. You can use the “Search Users” drop-down menu to find the user you want to contact, then check the checkbox next its username then click the START THREAD button to start creating a message for the user you selected.

2. When you want to reply to someone or just start a conversation on a previous message thread, you just need to click on the message thread you want from the message inbox and start typing your message in the message text box.

3. The third way is to create a group chat and you have two ways to achieve that:

  • Select the users you want to contact via the Search Users drop-down menu, then add the users you want to include in your group message by clicking Create Group.
    You would get a pop-up that allows you to enter a group name, after that you can message everyone in the group.

  • the second way is by selecting the users you want to include in your group message from the Search Users drop-down menu, then add the users to the group by double-clicking Start Thread.

💡 By default, the names of all the group members will be set as the group name. You can click on Rename Group to change the group’s name.

🔑 Key points to bear in mind:

  • When sending a Direct Message, the process is similar to sending a message via messenger. Simply type your message and click send.
  • If you want to attach an image or video, just click on the camera or video icon and upload the file. There is no need to click send as it will automatically be sent once you click the OPEN button in the explorer window after selecting the image or video.
  • It’s worth noting that there are two options for loading more messages, Load More and Load All/Load All Conversation located on both sides of the tool. The left options will load more of all the messages available, while the right options will load more or all parts of the conversation thread.

➡ Please note that most of the action links are self-explanatory, but we will highlight some that may be unfamiliar. The following actions can be taken:

  • Extract Usernames: This action extracts the usernames of individuals who sent or received a message from the account.
  • Extract Usernames to Extracted Users: This action extracts the usernames of individuals who sent or received a message from the account and adds them to the “Contact Extracted Users” tab.
  • Delete and Block: This action allows you to delete the message and block the sender.
  • Extract Email Addresses: This action extracts email addresses that SU Social can locate in the messages received, but not the email address of the sender.
  • Next Account With Unread Messages: If you have multiple Instagram accounts on your SU Social, you can click this action to move to the next account that has unread messages.


In conclusion, Su Social’s Instagram Direct Message tool can be an excellent addition to your social media management strategy. While maintaining communication with your audience is crucial, it is equally important to avoid spamming and to provide a personal touch to your messages. Unlike the Contact tool which can be set to send messages automatically, the Direct Messages feature with a user-friendly interface and the absence of timers, the tool can help you send and respond to messages efficiently without compromising the integrity of your account.


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