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The Instagram Manage Comments Tool


Engaging with users who comment on your posts is a highly effective strategy for boosting engagement on your Instagram account. With the use of SU Social, it’s recommended that all actions on your Instagram account be executed through the Manage Comments tool.

This tool allows you to perform various actions on your posts, such as responding to comments, liking or unliking comments, and deleting comments. These are actions that you may have been performing manually through the Instagram app on your device.

The Manage Comments tool is user-friendly and comes equipped with filter features to help you manage your comments effectively. Additionally, this tool also provides an option to update your post caption, streamlining your post management process.

How to access the Manage Comments tool?

You can access the Manage Comments tool by clicking on the TOOLS tab from the left Menu in the SU Social user interface, then click on the Manage Comments tool as indicated below:

How to use the Manage Comments tool?

Initially, the multitude of options might seem daunting, so for the sake of this guide, we will categorize the tool into five sections:

  1. Actions on posts
  2. Filter and Post Caption section
  3. Your Posts section
  4. Comments section
  5. Comment Text box

1 – Actions on Posts

In this section, you will find a set of button that can allow you to take some actions on your posts.

  • MARK ALL READ – Useful to mark all unread comments on the posts as read.
  • LOAD ALL COMMENTS – This option is useful if you want to load all comments of the selected post on the left.
  • MENTION ALL USERS – You can click on this button if you want to mention all users in your comment.
    It will add @user1, @user2 etc. in your comment message.
    You will need to click SEND COMMENT button to send the message.
    Note that you cannot mention more than 10 users in a comment.
  • DISABLE COMMENTS – Useful when you want to disable the comments section on your posts, you need to select the post on the left, and click DISABLE COMMENTS.
    It will disable comments on the selected posts.
    You will see the text Commenting turned off after you clicked on DISABLE COMMENTS.
  • ENABLE COMMENTS – select the posts with disabled comments section, and click ENABLE COMMENTS if you want to re-enable it.
  • NEXT ACCOUNT WITH UNREAD COMMENTS – click on this option if you want to go to the next account with unread comments.

2 –  Filters and Post Caption Section

  • Show only favorite message – You can check this option if you want to see only posts that are marked as favorite.
  • Show only unread messages – This option is useful when you want to see only posts that have unread comments.
  • Hide posts without comments – you can check the box if you want to hide posts that don’t have any comments
  • Open in external browser – when checked, if you double click on one of your posts on the left, the post will be opened on your external browser.

Post Caption

The post caption section also allows you to edit your post caption, once you do and you are satisfied with your new caption, you can click on the Update caption button. You will then get a message saying that the caption was updated successfully.

3 – Your Posts section

In this section, you will be able to find all your posts and you will be able to do the following actions:

  • Select your post by checking the checkbox
  • Mark your post as favorite by clicking the Star icon.
  • Once you mark the post as favorite, you will see the Add Notes box, useful as it allows you to add details there to help you remember why you marked the post
  • Click on the post to view the comments published on that post

4 – Comments section

On each comment, you will see several action buttons (from left to right) including:

  • Reply to the Comment
  • Like or Unlike the comment
  • Delete the comment
  • Block the user who left the comment
  • Report the comment as spam

5 – Comments Text box

Here you can add the comment text you want to comment with.
To publish your comment you can either press Enter on your keyboard or click on the SEND COMMENT button.

💡 If you want to add a new line in your comment, you need to press Shift+Enter button on your keyboard.


In conclusion, the Manage Comments tool provided by SU Social offers a comprehensive solution for managing and engaging with comments on your Instagram posts. By using this tool, you can efficiently respond to comments, like or unlike comments, and delete inappropriate or spam comments. The user-friendly interface and filter features make it easy to manage comments effectively and efficiently.

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