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Solving Instagram 2FA using a Secret Key


Instagram and other social media sites offer two-factor authentication (2FA), a type of multi-factor authentication wherein you are required to enter a login code to confirm your login attempt. You can feel more confident that your account will remain inaccessible to unauthorized users by using this additional layer of security.

The usual methods used in solving 2FA for Instagram are the security code sent via SMS or the backup codes provided on the IG app. Recently, we have incorporated in SU Social the ability to solve for 2FA using the secret key from Instagram.

Generating the Secret Key

The secret key can be obtained by going to the Instagram app on your phone.

  • From the IG home page, click on your profile picture in the bottom right.

  • Click on the menu icon in the top right, then tap Settings and privacy.

  • Under Settings and privacy, select Accounts Center, then go to Password and security.

  • Select Two-factor authentication, then tap the account you’d like to use an authentication app for.

  • Click on Authentication app.

  • Copy the security key (in yellow highlights) and click on Next. Clicking on Next is important to actually enable the option.

  • Go to the account in Social Profiles and paste the security key then click on Verify Account. The account should get a VALID status after.


As online security remains a paramount concern, incorporating the use of a secret key from Instagram as a method for solving two-factor authentication (2FA) in SU Social represents a valuable addition to our security features. By offering an alternative to the traditional SMS codes and backup codes, we enhance the flexibility and security of managing your accounts on our platform. This new feature not only adds convenience but also strengthens the protection of user accounts, providing a more robust defense against unauthorized access.

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