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The Account Settings Tab


In order for you to utilize all of SU Social‘s functionality, you must first add your accounts to the Social Profiles tab. The foundation of your SU Social journey would be this action.

You can set up automated actions on your accounts like posting and tool actions, by adding and validating your social media accounts. This will greatly aid in growing your social media presence and eventually increase traffic to your website.

Adding your Social Profile Accounts in SU Social

1. Go to the Social Profiles section in the left menu panel of the SU Social user interface and click on the Add Profile button to begin adding your account.

2. When you click the Add Profile button, a pop-up box allowing you to choose the social network for the account you’re about to add will appear. Any supported social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Quora, TikTok (beta), and Email, can have one account added at a time.

Note: To receive the example format needed to properly import accounts in bulk, click the SHOW DEMO IMPORT FILE link at the bottom-right of the pop-up window.

3. For the time being, we will add a Facebook account (the steps are pretty much the same as with adding an account for any other social platform) so click on the ‘Add Profile’ button below the Facebook logo

4. The account’s Settings tab will then be displayed to you, where you can add account information like the login credentials for the account and other specifics.


  • It is optional to give your account a name, a description, and tags, but we strongly advise you to do so because it will make it more convenient for you to identify and organize the accounts—especially if you plan to manage a lot of accounts in the future. Give the account a name, description, or tag that best captures its essence.
  • Depending on how many accounts of the same social platform you intend to use on SU Social, assigning a proxy for an account is also optional. We advise using a proxy for the account out of caution if you plan to add more than three accounts to the same social network.

5. You can find the designated boxes where you must enter the account’s username and password by scrolling down the Settings tab. Make sure you have the right login credentials before clicking the Verify Account button; otherwise, SU Social won’t be able to successfully log in to your account.

Note:  You may put a check on the Manual Login box and log in manually using the embedded browser if you’d rather not enter your username and password inside SU Social. Like using your regular browser, SU Social will be able to perform actions on your behalf thanks to cookie, but it won’t be able to log back in if something were to cause you to lose access to that account.

6. Click the Verify Account button to finish.

Note:  A successful login attempt will show a VALID status for the account.  If you get a different status like:

Invalid Credentialsit indicates that either the username or password you provided is incorrect; you need to remove and re-add both username and password by manually typing the information rather than performing a copy-and-paste action.

Initializingcould imply that there is a further verification that needs your attention; you can use the Browse button to check the account’s embedded browser and take manual action if necessary.

Invalid This status indicates that there is not enough information to verify the account.

Pending this indicates that you have not pressed the button to Verify Account.

Show Advanced Profile Settings

Tick the Show Advanced Profile Settings checkbox to gain access to and modify an advanced account-specific setting. The four sections you’ll see are General, Synchronization, Information, and Cookies.

General Section

You can find a number of helpful features that will enable you to manage your accounts more effectively in the General section. Each social platform may have some advanced options which are only exclusive to that specific account. For this guide, we’ll only go through the ones that are commonly found on all social platforms.

  • Enable Find and Replace tokensUsing this option, you can change the text that has been published by this particular profile in your posts.
  • Clickable Image Post serversused to specify a particular clickable image server for the account, which will be used each time you publish a clickable image post on the account.
  • Enable NightmodeThis is where you configure a local nightmode if you want to assign one for a specific account. You can choose to randomly select the times that the account will be in night mode or that it will go to sleep.

Note: In SU Social, there are two methods for turning on night mode: global and local. Local nightmode is only available for one particular account while global nightmode (found in the Settings Section of SU Social) is applicable to all accounts running in SU Social.

  • Send a maximum of X posts per dayWith the aid of this option, you can manage how many posts this specific account will post each day, ensuring that you don’t exceed the cap in the event that the account serves as the final destination for multiple campaigns. Simply set it to 0 if you don’t want to restrict the account’s posting activity.
  • Enable stop account until a certain date or after a certain dateas implied, until or after the date specified there, this feature put the account to a Stopped status.
  • Embedded Browser UserAgent – you can assign a different UserAgent for the account with this option, otherwise, SU Social will use the UserAgent configured in the SettingsSoftware Settings Section.

Synchronization Section

In order for you to use your friends, groups, and pages/boards (depending on the social platform) within the software, SU Social first synchronizes your account after you successfully log in.

You can choose the information that will be gathered during the sync process as well as how frequently the account will perform the action.

Information Section

With this section, you can:

  • Mark as Validused when SU Social indicates that an account is invalid despite being successfully logged in because of changes made by social networks. This is uncommon, and we address these problems with frequent updates.
  • Copy Settingsan option that you can use to transfer settings between accounts. For instance, you can use it to quickly copy settings from one account to another, saving you from having to set night mode on each social media account separately.

Cookies Section

Before you validate the account, you have the option to import any existing cookies for the account (from an external browser) that you wish to use with SU Social. If necessary, cookies can also be exported.


In conclusion, SU Social is a powerful tool for managing and automating social media accounts. Adding and validating your social media accounts is the foundation of utilizing all of SU Social’s functionality. With the ability to set up automated actions such as posting and tool actions, you can significantly increase your social media presence and drive traffic to your website. There are also advanced profile settings in SU Social that provide additional options for managing your accounts effectively.

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