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The Account Groups Tab


You can view all the groups that your social profile has joined by clicking the Groups tab in the Social Profiles section. Facebook and LinkedIn social profiles can access this tab.

The first time you add a social profile to SU Social, all the groups that this profile has joined will be automatically synced and added to this tab. If you later join new groups, they will be included in the next synchronization as well. Additionally, you can manually sync it by going to Social Profiles > clicking Actions next to the account > Sync.

The sync settings you have set in SU Social‘s general Settings or Advanced Settings for this determine how frequently SU Social will check for newly joined groups and do the syncing.

How to use the Groups tab?

1. You can see every Group your account is connected to from the Groups tab. The table includes the most crucial information about your groups, including their name, the total number of members, and the tag you gave them.

2. There are five buttons next to each group, and each one obviously serves a different function:

  • Browse – visits the group from your external browser.
  • Browse Embeddedopens the group for that particular Social profile in SU Social’s Embedded Browser.
  • Copyso you can easily paste it wherever you need
  • Send to Ignoreputs the group on the Ignore tab if you don’t want SU Social to post anything to it.
  • Send to Unjoinersends the group to the Unjoiner tool so that SU Social can leave the group once the tool has been started.

3. You can filter your groups by keywords, tags, or the number of users using the filtering options located at the top of the Groups tab.

4. You can manage your groups more effectively by using a few additional features that are available at the bottom of the page:

  • Select All – makes a selection for groups
  • Select None – selects none of the groups
  • Select None-Filtered – when you select all and want to unselect those that you have filtered, click on this button to leave only those without the filter you input selected.
  • Reverse Selectionselects groups that have not been selected or deselected.
  • Show Only Selected Itemsonly displays certain groups in the list and leaves out the others; to change this, simply click the Show All button.
  • Update #Users – updates the number of members in each group. This feature is used in case you want to get the right number of group members at any given time.

5. The groups can be selected by checking the box next to them in the Selected column, and then you can click the Execute Actions on Selected Items button at the bottom of the page to perform bulk actions on the groups, such as sending them to the Ignore tab, Unjoiner tool, or Facebook Comment&Like tool (for Facebook social profiles only), tagging them, or removing the tag. When the drop-down menu appears, you can easily perform your desired action on multiple groups with just one click.

You also have the option to export the groups into an Excel file.

Tips and Troubleshooting for the Groups tab

📌 In order to sync the friends list successfully, you should enable syncing Groups under Social Profiles > account > Show Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section. Otherwise, the Groups tab will not populate any.

📌 For Facebook, there’s also an option to perform the sync via the mobile website (https://m.facebook.com/groups_browse/your_groups/) and this can also help if there are a lot of groups hat need to be synced.


The Groups tab in SU Social allows you to view and manage all the social groups that your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles have joined. The groups are synced automatically or manually and can be effectively organized using this tab.

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