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The Account Pages Tab


The Pages tab is a valuable feature for those who manage multiple social media profiles. This tab automatically adds all associated pages of your account and gives you the option to add other pages that you don’t own or manage.  With the Pages tab, you can easily manage your pages and execute actions on multiple pages at once.

Accessing the Pages tab

Similar to the Groups tab, after your profile has been added and your account has been synchronized, all associated pages of your account are automatically added to this tab.

The Pages tab is available for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Reddit social profiles, and the content displayed depends on the platform:

  • You will see a list of the Pages you are in charge of managing on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
  • You will see a list of all the Pinterest boards you have on your profile for Pinterest.
  • Your blogs will be added to the list on Tumblr.
  • Your YouTube channels will be listed on the pages for YouTube.
  • For Reddit, the subreddits that you’ve joined.

1. You will have a table with all of the account’s Pages in it. The name of the page (or event for Facebook profiles), type (page, event, or album for Facebook profiles), and tag are all listed in the table.

2. There are four buttons in the Actions column, the final column on the right:

  • Browselets you access the page in an external browser
  • Browse Embeddedopens the page for that particular Social Profile through the account’s embedded browser.
  • CopyYou can easily paste the page’s URL wherever you need by copying it from the table.
  • Send to Ignoreforwards the page to the Ignore tab if you don’t want SU Social to make any posts to it.
  • Delete Other Pageonly pages you manually added to your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles are eligible for this option.

3. Your pages are automatically added here, as was already mentioned, but you are not constrained to that. Through the Add Other Page (Facebook and LinkedIn) and Add Page/Group/Personal Album (Facebook only) features at the top of the Pages tab, you can add other pages that you do not own or manage. Simply enter the Page name and the respective URL and then click the appropriate button to add them.

📌 You can import pages from.csv files using the Import Other Album/Pages button; this is a very helpful feature, especially if you already have a list of pages you want to add.

4. The Filter feature is another one you have. The names or tags you gave your pages can be used to filter results.

5. To execute a selected action on multiple Pages, simply click the Execute Actions on Selected Items button at the bottom of the Pages tab. Simply choose the Pages where you want to carry out a specific action before pressing the magic button. You can perform a number of bulk actions, including adding/removing tags, moving selected pages to the Ignore tab, moving them to another social profile’s Pages tab, and more.

6. These buttons can be found at the bottom of the Pages tab:

  • Select All – chooses all pages
  • Select None – selects none of the pages
  • Select None – Filtered – when you select all and want to unselect those that you have filtered, click on this button to leave only those without the filter you input selected.
  • Reverse Selectionselects pages that have not been selected or deselected.
  • Show Only Selected Itemsselects only a few pages from the list and leaves the rest out; to change this, simply click the Show All button.

📌 Below, there is a different option for Pinterest:

  • Create a Destination List for Every Selected Board – the selected board/s will be given its own Destination List in the Campaigns.

📌 In order to sync the friends list successfully, you should enable syncing Pages under Social Profiles > account > Show Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section. Otherwise, the Pages tab will not populate any.


Overall, the Pages tab is an essential tool for social media managers. It provides an organized view of all your pages and gives you the option to add other pages as well. Whether you’re managing pages on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Reddit, the Pages tab is a must-have for efficient and effective page management.

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