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The Account Friends Tab


The Friends tab in the Social profiles section of SU Social is a useful tool for those who have Facebook or LinkedIn social profiles. This tab allows you to see a list of all your Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections and provides a variety of features to help you manage your network.

Using the Friends tab

The Friends tab in the Social Profiles section is available only for Facebook and LinkedIn social profiles.  Here you can see a list of all your Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections.

This list is updated as soon as you add a profile and SU Social finishes its synchronization. Depending on how many friends/connections you have, syncing can take from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes.

You can also sync it manually through Social Profiles > click Actions beside the account > Sync.

1. You can view your friends’ names, usernames, and profile URLs on the friends table. If the user customized it, their Facebook usernames were used in place of the URLs for Facebook.

2. These buttons are located next to each listed user:

  • BROWSElaunches an external browser to access the friend’s profile.
  • BROWSE EMBEDDEDopens the friend’s profile using the social account’s embedded browser.
  • COPYcopies the profile URL of your friend.
  • ADD AS OTHER PAGEAdds your friend’s profile to the Pages tab (available only on Facebook).

📌 The Friends tab for a Facebook profile is slightly different than the one for a LinkedIn profile. The Facebook account friends tab also has the function to Add as Other Page which will send friends to the Pages tab, this will enable you to post to their respective walls through a Campaign.

Take note of the additional column for Tags in the LinkedIn view.

3. To update the list of friends/connections before SU Social does the synchronization, click on the Update Friends button at the top of the Friends’ table.

4. In case you want to add all your friends as other pages for Facebook, you can use Add All as Other Pages.

5. To add all your friends as other pages for all Facebook accounts in SU Social, you can use Add All as Other Pages for All Facebook Accounts.

6. You can have the list exported into a CSV file by clicking on Export.

7. There’s also an option to Clear Friends List.

Tips and Troubleshooting for the Friends tab

📌 In order to sync the friends list successfully, you should enable syncing Friends under Social Profiles > account > Show Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section. Otherwise, the Friends tab will not populate any names.

📌 If your account has thousands of friends to be synchronized and not all your friends are added in one sync operation, please also put a check on the Augment Friend List Extraction option.

The normal sync goes to the contacts page and starts scrolling down. But because the list is long and it takes a long time to scroll to the bottom of it, the social platforms start detecting the automated action of scrolling repeatedly and they decide to freeze the page or display the newer results on the bottom, very slowly and therefore the sync operation often ends up with a timeout error.

The Augment Friend List Extraction executes repeated smaller extractions on the friends list page. It will take some time until all contacts will be extracted and it may take several days, but it is a better process.

📌 For Facebook, there’s also an option to perform the sync via the mobile website (https://m.facebook.com/friends) and this can also help if there are a lot of friends that need to be synced.


Overall, the Friends tab in SU Social provides a convenient and efficient way to manage your social profiles and keep track of your friends and connections. With features like manual syncing, browsing and copying of profiles, and the ability to add friends as other pages, this tab is an essential tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their social media accounts. Whether you’re an individual looking to connect with new friends, or a business looking to grow your network, the Friends tab has everything you need to take your social media presence to the next level.

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