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How To Import Instagram Accounts Using API Cookies


Want to effortlessly import multiple Instagram accounts into SuSocial? No worries, we’ve got you covered! SuSocial’s intuitive features make the process of bulk importing Instagram accounts a breeze, saving you time and eliminating any hassle.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through using SuSocial’s API cookies to import Instagram accounts in no time. this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need for seamless account importing with SuSocial.

Get ready to streamline your Instagram account management with SuSocial’s API cookies. Let’s dive in and make Instagram account importing a breeze.

How To Import Instagram Accounts Using API Cookies

1 – To begin, we need a template that allows us to import the accounts using their API cookies. To obtain this template, go to the “SOCIAL PROFILES” section within SuSocial. If you have already added an Instagram profile there, select it. If not, you can add an empty profile.

Once you have selected the desired profile, click on “ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES.” Then, choose “EXPORT SELECT PROFILES.” This action will generate a file that you need to save on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can download the template file directly from here.

2 – Now that you have the template file, open it using either Excel or Google Sheets. Start by adding your account login details (name, username, password) and proxies. To include the API cookies, go to the last column called “APICookies” and enter the API cookies in that column.

Here is an example of the API cookies that should be added:


3 – Once you have added your accounts and API cookies to the template, open your SuSocial app and go to the “SOCIAL PROFILES” section. Click on “ADD PROFILES” and then choose “IMPORT ACCOUNTS.” From there, select the file you have prepared and import it into SuSocial.

Now, your accounts will be automatically added to the “SOCIAL PROFILES” section, and they should appear with a “VALID” status.

How To Import the Accounts as Scrapers

To import scraper accounts, simply add the tag “Scraper” in the designated “Tags” column in the template. Your accounts will then be imported as scraper accounts.


This article provides a beginner’s guide to importing Instagram accounts using API cookies in SuSocial. It highlights the benefits of using SuSocial for bulk importing and streamlining account management. The guide covers the steps to obtain the template file, add account details and API cookies, and import the accounts into SuSocial. It also includes instructions on importing accounts as scrapers. By following these simple steps, you can efficiently add multiple Instagram accounts with ease to SuSocial.

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