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The Instagram Random Actions Tool

To make your actions appear more organic, the Random Actions tool will browse a certain number of posts from your Instagram timeline.

If your account does not have API Full Emulation enabled, you will receive an error* when attempting to use this tool, as illustrated below:

*Error message: ‘Instagram Account 1′ does not have Enable api full emulation checked which is needed for this tool to execute.

To use the tool, navigate to the TOOLS view, click on the desired Instagram profile or MORE TOOLS next to it, and then visit the Random Actions tab. It’s worth noting that the tool only consists of two subtabs: Settings and Results.


Similar to other tools, the Settings tab in the Random Actions tool operates in a practical manner. It contains two sections: RUN TIMERS and Timeline Actions.

RUN TIMERS section:

Within this section of the Settings tab, you can schedule:

  • The duration of time to wait between each operation.
  • The operating hours for the tool.
  • Randomized intervals or specific intervals for when the tool should run.
  • The days of the week when the tool should run and the option to randomly skip certain days of the week.

Timeline Actions section:

The Timeline Actions section manages:

  • The number of timeline views performed per operation.
  • The minimum and maximum number of daily actions executed by the tool.
  • The minimum and maximum number of hourly actions executed by the tool.



The Results tab is simple and easy to understand. It displays the date and time of each random action, along with the number of posts viewed from your timeline. Additionally, the far-right column features a delete button for each entry.

✅ Once you configure the Random Actions tool, you can turn it on by changing the STATUS from STOPPED to STARTED.

How to enable API Full Emulation

To enable API full emulation, go to the SOCIAL PROFILES view > click on the account > check “Show Advanced Profile Settings” and scroll down to the option.

After you check the box next to the “Enable API full emulation” option, go back to the SOCIAL PROFILES view > select the account > click on ACTION ON SELECTED PROFILES > RE-LOGIN ACCOUNTS.

💡 Note that the account should have a VALID status to use the re-login option.


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