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The Instagram Mentions tool


In this guide, we will discuss the Mentions tool, which is the latest addition to SU Social’s suite of tools for Instagram. This new feature is designed to enhance your account’s engagement by allowing you to mention users in your bio rotation. When you do this, Instagram notifies the mentioned user, potentially sparking a positive interaction.

Things to keep in mind before using the Mentions tool

๐Ÿ“Œย The Mentions tool exclusively operates on API. Therefore, if you have enabled the ‘Use only embedded browser (do not use API)’ option in the Advanced Profile Settings of the account, the tool will not function.

๐Ÿ“Œย A 60-minute interval is mandatory between each operation, and it is a fixed duration. If you exceed this limit, Instagram will not send notifications to the mentioned users.

๐Ÿ“Œ When you employ the Mention tool to tag users in your Bio, they will receive a notification regarding it. However, it may take up to an hour for the mentioned users to receive the notification.

Mentions as seen in Bio of the account:

Notification received by a mentioned user:

How to access the Mentions tool?

You just need to click on your account on the TOOLS view, then click on the Mentions tool from the list of tools we have for Instagram accounts.

The Mentions tool has three tabs โ€“ Settings, Source, and Results

Settings Tab

Within this section, you have the ability to configure how the tool executes actions on the account.

  1. You can designate the specific hours during which the tool will operate, and also opt to add daily intervals with randomized timing.
  2. Execute between X – Y option allows you to set the hours when you want the tool to operate during the day.
  3. This option allows you to add a random sleep time after X operations.
  4. Additionally, you can select which days you wish for the action to be executed, or choose to rotate the days.
  5. This option allows you to set hourly/daily limits for the tool.
  6. Here you can add the text that will be placed in your Bio section.๐Ÿ’กThis particular field allows you to enter the text that will be featured in the Instagram Bio. It is important to note that there is a character limit of 150 for Instagram Bios, so within our Mentions tool, we have established a limit of 120 characters. This will enable you to include 3 or more usernames within the remaining 30 characters. However, if you would like to mention additional users, you can adjust the description to a shorter length, thus making room for more mentions.
  7. Furthermore, you have the option to either display mentions in a single line with spaces or separate them by new lines.
  8. Finally, you can limit the max number of users to mention each operation.

Sources Tab

Here you can find the source options we have for the Mentions tool.

  1. You can Mention specific users, you can add the usernames of your target users that you want to mention (one per line) then click on ADD USERNAMES button to add them to the source list.โœ… Note that you can use the Follow tool to extract users and send them to the Mentions sources automatically.
    This is a good option since you will be able to set-up your preferred filters and use all follow sources when finding suitable users that will be sent the Mentions tool. Check the guide of the Follwo tool
    โœ…ย More action buttons:

    • COPY ALL USERNAMES โ€“ lets you copy all the usernames on the Mention Specific Users list.
    • EXPORT ALL โ€“ export the entire list of usernames to a CSV file
    • CLEAR โ€“ this option will delete all usernames added in the source.
    • SPLIT ITEMS WITH SPECIFIC ACCOUNTS – to split the list with other accounts.
  2. You can also to choose only to change the Bio – useful when you want just to change the bio without mentioning any users.

Results Tab

This tab provides you with access to view all the users who have been referenced in your account’s Bio, along with their:

  • Mention date and time
  • Username
  • Profile link
  • Action buttons for deleting a user from results or copying their link

Additionally, you can utilize the Export All and Delete All buttons.


In conclusion, SU Social’s Mentions tool is an effective way to boost your Instagram engagement by referencing other users in your account’s bio. By doing so, you can potentially initiate positive interactions and further expand your social network. Incorporate the Mentions tool into your social media strategy to improve your reach and engagement on Instagram.

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