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The Instagram Edit Profile Tab


Your Instagram account profile is the first thing others will notice when they visit your page. It consists of your profile picture, username, a brief self-description or brand introduction, and links to your websites. Keeping your profile up-to-date is crucial as it allows people to quickly obtain the necessary information.

How to access the Edit Profile Tab?

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts and you want to edit those Instagram profiles, you will need to do that from the app or on your browser for each account, this might be time-consuming. SU Social allows you to do that from one place and provides an easy option to manage your profile accounts.

To access the Edit Profile tab, you can click on your account on the SOCIAL PROFILES tab, then click on the Edit Profile Tab.

📌 Note that getting and updating your profile data, will be done using the API, this means that the account needs to be Valid on API in order to be able to refresh and update profile information successfully.

The Instagram Edit Profile tab – 1st section

  1. This is the option that allows you to switch from one profile to another.
  2. The embedded browser button allows you to open the Embedded browser for the selected account.
  3. The TOOLS button allows you to go to the account tools (Follow tool Settings tab by default).
  4. The DASH button allows you to go to the Dashboard –> Summary Tab and it applies a filter to show only the selected account’s actions.

The Instagram Edit Profile tab – 2nd section

Here in this part of the Edit Profile tab, you will be able to edit and modify account information such as:

  1. The Account field will show the account’s username.
  2. Full Name – This will have the current Full name, you can update the name or set a brand name there if you want.
  3. Gender – This allows you to set the Gender M (Male) or F (Female).
  4. Bio – you can add something about yourself or a short description for your brand; try to make it brief, interesting, and informative.
  5. Website Url – Here you can add your website url.
  6. Private(Yes/No) – Here you can set your account be public (No) or private (Yes).
  7. Email – Here you can set the email address associated with the account (the one that will be used to email verify account when IG asks for that).
  8. Username – This is where you can find the username of the account if you want to change it.
  9. Phone Number – In this field you can add or edit the phone number that will be associated with your account.
  10. Update profile data button – Once you are done changing the profile information, just click the button to apply the change and SU Social will execute the action to update the profile information like if you did that annually in the app.

The Instagram Edit Profile tab – 3rd  section

You may want as well to add or change the profile image or set a new password, this section contain options that can allow you to do that, beside other important options that we will discover below.

  1. You can use the SELECT PHOTO button, to select the new image you want to use.
    📌 You can check the option to Make image unique to set SU Social to make the selected image unique.
  2. click on the Change Profile Picture button to update the profile image.
  3. This will allow you to set a new Password, you can add the new Password, then click on Change Password button to change the password.

    💡 A very useful option in the Edit Profile tab that is often overlooked is the Comments Filter.
    📌 You can use this useful feature to filter comments on your posts, when used, it will hide all previous and future comments on your posts that contain one of the blacklisted words (you can add as many words as you want, just set them separated by a comma).
    📌 All you have to do is to add your blacklisted keywords separated by a comma, then click one of the buttons below:

  4. Update Comments Filter – This will add the keywords you add and activate the filter on the selected account.
  5. Update Comments Filter on all accounts – This will apply the added negative keywords to all accounts.
  6. Update Comments Filter on accounts with same tag name –  This will apply the filter on all accounts that have the same tag that you added to the selected account.


The Edit Profile is a useful tab that contains a feature that can save you time and help make managing Instagram accounts easier, keeping profiles up-to-date is important, as it’s the section that allows people to quickly obtain the necessary information from your account.

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