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Troubleshooting issues using the Summary tab


The Dashboard > Summary tab is not only where you can monitor SU Social’s activities. With this tab, you can also identify the errors or issues that your tools encounter and why they are unable to reach your desired number of actions per hour/per day.

The Summary tab

Encountering issues in SU Social does not necessarily mean that there’s a software bug. Issues can be caused by a number of factors such as the internet source/proxy, your settings, the account status, etc. Some of the most common error codes are listed HERE but what if the code is not present in that list?

Sample 1

Some errors are easily identifiable in the Summary tab as they have either the words ERROR or SCREENSHOT under the Error column (boxed in red). There are also some events that are not regarded as errors by the Summary tab but they will tell you why there were no actions taken (highlighted in yellow) such as when there are no more results found or there are no users to be unfollowed.

When you see the word  SCREENSHOT under the Error column, you may place your mouse over the word SCREENSHOT so you can get a preview of what happened in the browser during the error. This is what we ask users to send us when they report that they encounter an error.

In this case, it needs to have the captcha solved manually on the embedded browser as this type of captcha is not yet supported by 2captcha.

Alternatively, the word ERROR does not have a preview image when you hover your mouse over it. Most Instagram errors will not have a screenshot associated with them if the Instagram account is not configured to use the embedded browser to perform actions.

Sample 2

There are times when you’d also wonder why there are no actions done for consecutive days. As highlighted below, there are no Follow actions recorded from 9/30/2023 to 10/2/2023.

Checking the Summary tab, you want to make sure that there are no filters applied and that all events are showing (Show Only Errors is not clicked). SU Social did not run from 9/30/2023 to 10/1/2023 so there will really be no activities performed. Turns 0ut SU Social was installed on a PC, and the PC was not opened during the weekends. But what about 10/2/2023?

Let’s take a look at the Quora Follow tool. From there, you will see that the tool was not scheduled to run on Mondays and 10/2/2023 is a Monday, thus, there were no Follow actions executed.

Sample 3

In some cases, the solutions to certain errors can be easily provided once you send the preview of what happens on the browser for that error. In this one, the Facebook page preview looks a little cramped.

Checking the embedded browser of that account, it’s confirmed that its size is too small. Some actions cannot be executed correctly if the browser is not enlarged.

Here’s what the FB page should look like if the browser is enlarged, the page name and display photo are on the left while the follow and search action buttons are on the opposite side.

Sample 4

Another scenario where the solution can be easily provided after seeing the error preview from the browser is when the tool cannot execute the actions due to the account being set up in a different language. It’s important to note that SU Social tools are programmed to work best if the account is configured to use the English language.

Sample 5

There are also cases wherein the errors are straightforward with what needs to be done. In this error, you just need to go to the Reddit Comment tool’s > Sources tab to add your sources.

With this next example, it says you need to enable API Full Emulation under the account’s Advanced Profile Settings.

Meantime, this tells us that the action was not allowed either because the API Limits were reached or because of an option in the Proxy Manager tab that needs to be unchecked.

Sample 6

If the error message is not that clear, or if the code is not listed in this article, you may take a screenshot of it and send it to our support team along with your logs.

Sample 7

At times, you would encounter that there are no previews available and this could mean two things:

  1. The event happened too far back already and SU Social no longer has the screenshot preview.
  2. You have opted not to save screenshots under the Settings > Embedded Browser tab.


The Summary tab in SU Social serves as a valuable resource for identifying and addressing various issues that may arise during your activities. It offers insights into errors, and events that may not be immediately recognized as errors, and provides useful context to help diagnose and resolve problems. Whether it’s recognizing common error codes, understanding why certain actions were not performed, or gaining visibility into browser-related issues, the Summary tab offers a comprehensive overview of your SU Social experience. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of providing error previews to the support team when faced with challenges, as this can often lead to quick and effective solutions. Ultimately, the Summary tab is a powerful tool for optimizing your SU Social performance and ensuring a smoother user experience.

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