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SuSocial Error Codes


As you use SU Social, you might come across some errors while using the dashboard. These errors are number coded to help you understand the issue faster. Each error code comes with a small explanation, but if you want to learn more about why these errors occur, read on.

Understanding SU Social Dashboard Error Codes

It is essential to note that if the errors are infrequent, then ignore them. Sometimes, unexpected issues may arise, and SU Social might not know how to proceed, leading to an error. Your internet may be slow, or the page may not have loaded correctly. Some sites may be temporarily down, or even bugs from the social platforms themselves might occur. If the errors are occasional and not for the same action every time, let them be. Usually, SU Social will retry the action.

However, if you encounter a lot of errors or repeating errors for the same feature, please inform us as soon as possible. Social sites change how their pages look from time to time, and we update them as soon as we find them or when you report them to us.

Below are the error codes you might encounter, their meanings, and ways to solve them:

501, 505, 581 – No divs on page. This error occurs when there is no internet connection. Check whether your proxy is slow or your internet connection is intermittent.

506 – The embedded browser crashes during operations. Contact support for further assistance.

180 – Facebook displays a captcha. This error might occur if the link you are using on your post is blocked by Facebook. Here are some things you can do to solve this issue:

55 – Read-only Facebook/Google Plus page/group. If you are trying to publish content to a page or group on Facebook or Google Plus, and you receive an error indicating that the destination is read-only for your account, it means that you do not have the necessary permission to publish content to that page or group. This can happen if the access rights for the page or group have been changed. To resolve this error, you can try to contact the page or group owner and request permission to publish content, or you can try to find another page or group that you have permission to publish content to.

105, 160 – Facebook has displayed a popup when trying to publish. If you receive a popup error when trying to publish content on Facebook, it could mean that you are trying to publish the same post twice, which Facebook will recognize as a repost. To avoid this error, make sure that your content is unique and not a duplicate of any previously published posts. You can also check the destination you are trying to publish to and see if there are any errors on your end.

113 – Facebook has displayed a restriction popup. If Facebook displays a restriction popup when you are trying to share a link, it could mean that the link has been marked as spam. You can try to post the same content manually to see if the error persists.

81 – “Slow down message” – If you see a “Slow down message” on Facebook, it means that you’re close to receiving a penalty for certain actions, such as sharing, liking, and joining groups. SU Social will automatically stop the tool that generated the error to prevent you from getting banned. Additionally, a global notification will appear on the dashboard to inform you about the issue.

47, 48 – If clicking “Post” doesn’t send out your post on Facebook, it might be due to a restriction for groups. Check if you can manually perform the action and review the Facebook restriction page for the account you’re using.

61 – If SU Social is unable to find any users for an Auto Follow operation, it will try up to four times with different input parameters to execute the operation successfully.

91 – If you encounter a 91 error when sharing a post on a Facebook group, it might be because your account is unable to share posts on groups. In this case, SU Social will perform an alternative operation by posting the full URL of the post on the group, which will produce similar results.

0 – If you have an antivirus installed, it might have deleted some SU Social files. Exclude SU Social from your antivirus software and perform basic troubleshooting. If you’re still having issues, contact support for further assistance.

1 – If the email is missing from the page, check if your proxy is working by opening your embedded browser and accessing the social networking site specific to the account. If you’re unable to load the pages, change your proxy or contact your proxy provider.

2 – If you see an “Invalid credentials” error, delete your username and password from the Social Profile – Account Settings tab and re-enter your credentials. Then, hit the “Verify Account” button.

12 – If SU Social is unable to locate the drop text area, it might be because the page didn’t load completely. Check your proxy or internet connection for any issues.

550: For more details about the error code 550, please check this article.

3, 201  not logged in – Check the embedded browser if the account is not logged in. Enable ‘use alternative embedded browser cookies’ storage from Social Profiles > account > Advanced Profile Settings to keep the account logged in and reverify the account.

168 – Timeout occurred – This happens when the page fails to load or when the internet connection is too slow and the page does not load completely.

40 – connect button pressed but connection has not been sent – The LinkedIn weekly connection request limit may have been reached already, or there are instances wherein it cannot find the Connect button. Try enlarging the embedded browser.

44 – could not identify connect button –

81 – invalid source – suspended or deleted account – If the target Twitter account cannot be found due to a change in username, suspension, or account deletion.

43 – failed to switch to profile – You will get this error if the Facebook account does not switch to the page or the profile before performing an action. Make sure that the Facebook account is in the English language and the browser size is enlarged. You may also encounter this in cases where Facebook makes changes to their switch to profile/page UI.

43 – No posts found – Facebook may not be able to find posts if the browser size is small or the account language is not set to English.

49 – Comments section not found – For YouTube, aside from the possibility of having a small browser or not using the English language for the account, it may not be able to find the Comments section if you are not using the mobile version in SU Social (go to Social Profiles > account > Advanced Profile Settings)

Error codes with screenshots

Some errors are accompanied by a SCREENSHOT message which appears under the Error column. To see a preview of what occurred in the browser during the error, place your mouse over the word screenshot. When a user reports an error, we ask them to send us this information.

You may occasionally notice that there are no previews available, which could indicate one of two things:

  • The screenshot preview is no longer available on SU Social because the event happened too long ago.
  • You have selected the Settings > Embedded Browser tab‘s option to disable screenshot saving.


For all errors, check the Embedded Browser of the account having the issue when the action is taking place. You may also check the error image from the Summary tab. This can provide a solution directly or by providing more information to support for quick resolution. With these tips, you can easily troubleshoot any issues that arise while using SU Social.

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